Zoom will allow Vision Pro owners to use digital avatars during video calls

Zoom will allow Vision Pro owners to use digital avatars during video calls

The Zoom app for Vision Pro, which will be released at the same time as Apple’s headset on February 2, will allow owners to use digital avatars modeled on the basis of face scans during video calls. The interlocutor will see the face of the caller (without a headset) and hand movements. Similar technology will be used in Apple’s FaceTime program for Vision Pro.

The Zoom application will also actively use the capabilities of augmented reality. Yes, the Zoom screen will appear as a floating window in users’ physical environment. Later, the app will add additional features, including so-called “real-world anchoring.” The user will be able to pin up to five Zoom meeting participants in their environment, removing their background. It is assumed that this will make the effect of the presence of interlocutors more realistic.

The program will also feature the ability to share 3D objects: users will be able to share 3D files and see how they look in their environment. The company also plans to add the Zoom Team Chat corporate service to the Vision Pro program.

Apple previously announced that some streaming services, including Disney Plus, Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock and others, will get their own Vision Pro apps. However, some services, such as YouTube and Netflix, have so far refused to release versions of their apps for the headset. Users will have to open these services through Safari.

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