ZENTAO is more than just an ITSM platform

ZENTAO is more than just an ITSM platform

Greeting! Contact GlowByte Soft. ITSM platforms have deservedly taken their place in the landscape of IT systems of large companies. In this article, we have collected 20 IT and business processes that can be implemented on the modern ZenTao ITSM platform. More information about this tool is in the community ZenTao Club, created by GlowByte Soft specifically for those looking for answers to the question “what to replace Jira”. Come in!

ZenTao is a powerful and flexible ITSM platform for project and task management, bug tracking and business process automation. ZenTao is widely used in China by companies from various business fields.

If suddenly you missed…

what is ZenTao: we told about the implementation of this software in the famous shoe company Skechers China, and also jointly installed ZenTao on Astra Linux and Windows.

1. Bug-tracking: the most common application of the system. Testers and developers can log bugs (errors), prioritize them, and assign bugs to team members.

2. Project management (Agile, Waterfall): teams can manage projects, programs, products, tasks, user stories, epics, plan sprints, use Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

3. Task management: Tasks, subtasks, and checklists can be used for any type of project.

4. Service management: incident management, requests, with SLA tracking is great for IT teams and service departments.

5. Requirements management: In ZenTao, you can collect, track and prioritize product requirements.

6. Testing management: In ZenTao, you can conduct a complete testing cycle using test scripts, which allows you to organize the interaction process between test and development teams.

7. Resource management and resource planning: Team leaders and management can see employee workloads across programs, projects, and tasks to better plan for employee availability and workload.

8. Timekeeping: Users can log the time they spend on tasks, allowing you to monitor the performance of teams and employees.

9. Attendance accounting: ZenTao allows you to track workplace attendance by employees.

10. Reporting and analytics: ZenTao provides reports to manage various metrics. The system also has the option of setting up new custom reports. Dashboards allow you to visualize system data.

11. Adjustment of work processes: companies or business units can create and customize workflows for their unique business processes.

12. Knowledge base: ZenTao can be used as an alternative to Confluence – it can act as a knowledge base and a place to create Wiki pages. Document management allows you to set up relationships between tasks and documents.

13. Asset management: integration with asset management systems, allowing you to configure ZenTao requests to relate to assets such as software or hardware.

14. Agreement processes: In ZenTao, you can set up customized workflows that can be used to automate reconciliation processes.

15. Management of requests and feedback from customers: You can use the system to log and categorize product improvement requests from customers.

16. Integration with CI/CD tools: ZenTao can be integrated with continuous integration and delivery tools to accelerate the DevOps development process.

ZenTao has ready-made integrations with open-source solutions for working with code, such as Git and Jenkins. This allows you to track code commits tied to tasks or bugs.

17. Risk management: by using the ability to configure and customize the types of requests and workflows, ZenTao can be used for risk management.

18. Tasks of the sales and marketing department: some customers use ZenTao to manage marketing campaigns, content development and launch calendars, and track lead generation results.

19. Onboarding for new employees: HR teams can automate onboarding tasks and checklists for onboarding new employees.

20. Open API: an open, documented API for extensions and configuring integrations with other systems.

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