YuUrDU created an “ageless” thermometer

YuUrDU created an “ageless” thermometer

Employees of the South Ural State University have developed a device that measures temperature several times more accurately than analogues that exist in the world. At the same time, the thermometer does not require regular maintenance, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the university.

Such types of thermometers as thermocouple, thermistor and thermoresistance are commonly used in industry and technology, explained Volodymyr Zhivulin, a senior researcher at the crystal growth laboratory of the Research Institute of Advanced Materials and Resource Conservation Technologies of the South Ural State University (SUU). All thermometers of these types eventually “get old”: the readings begin to deviate from the sample, and the error reaches 5-15 ⁰С. Because of this, the devices have to be calibrated.

However, there are situations in which it is impossible to carry out maintenance of the device – for example, on a space satellite or a nuclear power plant. Before that, the problem was solved in labor-intensive and non-technological ways – for example, tenfold duplication of sensors. However, in hazardous productions, extraordinary situations may occur, when thermometers may be damaged immediately after inspection.

Specialists of the State University of Applied Sciences have developed a sensor that can check itself in each heating-cooling cycle. It includes a main temperature meter and a standard with which the sensor readings are compared at control points.

According to Zhivulin, the device is a monobloc. It is based on ferrites – a chemically inert, thermally stable material that is not affected even by high background radiation. After reaching certain temperatures, ferrites become non-magnetic; the self-calibration method of the sensor is based on this. Materials scientists from the scientific school of RAS professor Denys Vinnyk have learned how to change the temperature of the magnetic phase transition of ferrites in a controlled manner.

The entire device was designed and manufactured at SUU. According to the scientists, now the prototype of the “ageless” thermometer is ready and undergoing testing. The authors of the device claim that their project is unique because the developers can reproduce the complete cycle of creating the device without resorting to the help of third parties.

At the same time, there is only one industrial analogue on the market, which is produced in Germany. However, Russian technology surpasses it, the university says: the foreign sensor can check or calibrate just one temperature sample, while the Chelyabinsk device has five points evenly distributed over the temperature range. In addition, the domestic device works at temperatures from 0 to 800 ⁰С, while the sensor from Germany – from 0 to 200 ⁰С.

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