“Yandex” transferred mobile development to Serbian jurisdiction

“Yandex” transferred mobile development to Serbian jurisdiction

“Yandex” re-registered its application in Google Play and App Store to the Serbian company. Previously, they were registered as a Swiss legal entity. We are talking about Yandex Drive, Yandex Food, Yandex Go, and Yandex Market programs.

In the App Store, the app developer is now listed as Micromobilnost Doo, and in Google Play as Micromobilnost LLC Belgrad. From the spring of 2022 until the fall of 2023, the provider of applications in the stores was the Swiss legal entity Intertech Services AG, which before that was called AG Yandex Services AG.

Despite the changes in application stores, the copyright for services belongs to Yandex LLC.

The representative of the company did not specify when exactly the change of provider took place and what it was connected with. He only noted that “changes in various applications occurred gradually during the last six months.”

Currently, the main legal entity of the company – “Yandex.Technologies Belgrade” works in Serbia.

In November 2022, plans to split Yandex’s assets became known. At the end of October of this year, the government’s foreign investment control commission approved the internal restructuring of the group. After that, part of the assets of “Yandex” came under the control of the Dutch “Yandex N.V.” to “Technoyak” LLC headed by Artem Savinovskyi, CEO of “Yandex”. At the same time, several Russian LLCs belonging to Yandex were completely transferred to the control of Yandex N.V.

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