Yandex has no place here…

Yandex has no place here…


Hello, dear readers!

The topic of today’s article will be somewhat non-standard, however, it is definitely related to information technologies, neural networks and the technological giant of our time – Yandex.

I want to note right away – I am well aware of the fact that Khabr is not a platform for settling accounts, posting complaints or breaking copies. And the idea of ​​writing a review about the experience of communication with the Yandex company would remain an idea that lies somewhere almost on the far shelf in my brain, if literally the other day, on January 18, 2024, 5 months after it came from me, I did not see a completely similar case that was written about in the network. link below:

After reading the post, I realized that the epic “Yandex-shvyryalovo” has been going on for about six months, and at the same time, all its organizers feel extremely comfortable, so I just had to open my pen.

Who am I and why did I write about this topic at all?

I am a trainer and translator with a little less than 20 years of experience. I am not a programmer, but a person who is sure that the development of information technologies involves the emergence of such an ecosystem in which there is a place not only for coders.

I have always been interested in the subject of artificial intelligence. I started reading and looking for information on it, possibly much earlier than many.

I was one of the first on the network to mount it a video consisting entirely of images generated by a neural network (MidJourney).

And then another video to catch up.

I was the first on the Internet to translate a book using the ChatGPT neural network. I will tell you more about the translation process here in this article on Habre.

And so, in August 2023, I came across a vacancy online AI trainer from Yandex.

According to the job description, it was exactly what I needed – to teach a neural network to construct correct, reliable and, in all respects, competent answers.

I was in high spirits. I felt like I could be a part of something bigger. It seemed that I would be the father of a child who would find solutions to global problems.

I quickly responded to the vacancy, especially since in the vacancy description, if I’m not mistaken, it was written that there were few places left. Like, kids, only the fastest will get to work…

A letter to my mail from a Yandex robot

Then there were tests. I must say, one of the most difficult tests (including knowledge of the Russian language) that I have ever encountered. I will not reveal the content of the tests, I will say that it took me 2 days for 4 types of tests.

I reread the introductory information, made trial versions (there were such for each task), prepared a little and started the main part. I did not solve all 4 types of tests in one day, because each type required not weak intellectual work, but I wanted to show the best possible result. The result of the tests is presented in the screenshot below.

My test results for the AI ​​trainer job

When that part was done, I allowed myself to exhale. Then the task was not easier. It was necessary to write three texts on given topics. Again, I don’t want to reveal the content, but for proforma I will say that the texts took up about 20 pages in total. and another day of work.

The general structure of passing tasks for the vacancy

After completing the two parts of the entrance test (the tests themselves + writing three texts on the specified topics), which took me a little less than a week in total, and it was done by me completely free of charge, I received a short reply from Yandex with the text:

Hello, Alexander!

We have received your test task and are currently reviewing it. The maximum verification time can be 10 working days. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to write to the address for any questions [email protected].

Unsubscribe from the Yandex team after completing the entire selection procedure

The pause with the answer from Yandex dragged on, so I decided to write to [email protected] cover letter, especially since they themselves offered to feel free to contact them with any questions. In the cover letter, I talked about my interest in new technologies, why I needed this job, my pioneering research in the field of neural networks, etc.

This is what I got in response:

Hello, Alexander!

We have received your information, thank you!

Have a nice day and a great mood 🙂

Rate our answer

Kristina Zelena Hiring team at Yandex

And then it came to me.

The texts I wrote as part of the test task were training material for the neural network. That is, under the guise of testing for an AI-trainer vacancy, the Yandex hiring team receives invaluable data from an unlimited audience of applicants for this vacancy – creative, scientific, journalistic texts created by people IN THE HOPE OF GETTING THE JOB OF THEIR DREAM. There is no chance to actually get it, because everyone will be kicked out as a result.

I know what will happen next

I know what will happen next.

As in the comments to that girl’s post, which was the last strawa cheeky bigot will run up, and not even one, but a whole crowd, with comments like (direct quote):

“There is not a single specialist in the vast expanses worthy of this position?” – What does it even mean? Do you think if they didn’t take you, they didn’t take anyone or something? This is arrogance)

The vacancy is open, because thousands of people are accepted for it, not one person sits and pokes in search) Apparently, those who are accepted have higher test results and that’s all.


It’s just funny, to be honest, if it wasn’t so sad.

And something else.

Who I am definitely not is someone who goes down the path of confrontation with such companies.

I repeat, this article was written under the influence of emotions. At one time, I even wanted to turn to the prosecutor’s office, because I believe that for such actions there will definitely be an article in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, this idea no longer seems worthy to me. I regret my time and nerves.

In addition, I believe that the best way to influence such companies is to simply ignore any of their products, be it products, services, smart speakers, or whatever else they can squeeze out of themselves using the methods described above.

Now, when I hear the word Yandex, I turn around and go in the opposite direction.
In principle, I do not use any Yandex products. And I advise everyone.

I have everything.

PS It is also very interesting that the line in the browser where the individual results of the participant are presented is the same for me and this girl:

This can be seen in the chest attached by the girl from the same ispring learning platform, see below.

As, by the way, the test scores we received completely match.

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