Xbox Series S is now a toaster

Xbox Series S is now a toaster

Have you ever wished your kitchen was full of memes? Well, now you can put an Xbox Series S toaster next to your Xbox Series X refrigerator, The Verge reports.

Yes, this is a real toaster that “supports” any bread, rolls and frozen waffles. It will even toast the Xbox sphere logo on your bread.

Images of the Xbox Series S toaster first appeared almost a year ago on French websites, but Walmart has now started selling the toaster for $39.99.

While the toaster looks like an Xbox Series S with its signature black vent, it also packs a number of features that you really need to toast bread. Yes, there are six browning levels, a removable crumb tray, an LED countdown timer and a defrost button. But the star of the show is obviously the ability to print the Xbox logo on your bread.

Note that this is not the first toaster created for gamers. A few years ago, Bungie released a Destiny-themed toaster with the feature of burning the Destiny Tricorn logo onto the bread. Razer also promised to make its April Fool’s joke toaster a reality, but that never happened.

The Xbox Series S toaster joins the meme-born Xbox Series X mini-fridge. They mocked the appearance of the console, similar to a refrigerator. It remains to wait until Microsoft brings out a full range of household appliances.

The kitchen has enough space for an Xbox microwave, kettle or washing machine. After all, any true Xbox fan would want the Xbox logo on all their food and dye their clothes green after every wash.

Note that it is currently unknown when these toasters will go on sale in Ukraine or the EU.

Double the amount of memory and an all-black color scheme: read the review of the new Xbox Series S on our website.

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