X tests payment for human status

X tests payment for human status


Microblogging service X (formerly Twitter) is testing a fee for Not A Bot status. To write, like and conduct any normal activity, you will have to make a symbolic fee – $1 per year. Without purchasing a subscription, the user remains in the pool and can only absorb content.

The system is currently only being tested on new accounts registered in the Philippines and New Zealand. No plans to roll out this feature globally have been announced.

X is rolling out two new changes today. The first of them concerns “Community Notes”.

In January 2021, Twitter started fact-checking crowdfunding feature. Under a tweet with false, misleading information, a flag could appear that helped to understand the situation. With the arrival of Musk, Birdwatch was renamed Community Notes and changed principles of work.

To post in Community Notes, necessary link a phone number older than 6 months to the account and not violate the rules from January 1, 2023. Therefore, the notes may also contain errors. Users are encouraged to complain about such notes. As tells account @CommunityNotes, will now complain and send updates if the note status goes to Not Helpful. (Only helpful notes are shown under posts.)


Authors of a large number of notes with the status Not Helpful risk losing rights to post community notes. By the way, note rating algorithms are open and documented on the X support page.

Also in “Community Notes” are now mandatory sources. @CommunityNotes explains that some notes were previously thought not to need sources. Now such cases are much less.

No need to source such notes, which explain that no additional context is needed. The verification method is not specified. The screenshot shows an automated warning. A simple check for hyperlinks in the text is likely implemented.


The second notable update board testing for Not A Bot status [«не бот»]. To combat spam, new unverified users will be asked to pay a small annual fee to be able to post and interact with other users.

The feature is only being tested in the Philippines and New Zealand. In general, New Zealand is a frequent choice for product testing, as the country is geographically isolated but populated by Westernized Anglophones with a good level of affluence and good ethnic diversity.

X states the terms of the Not A Bot test:

  • The trial program only works for new accounts. Filipinos and New Zealanders with accounts older than October 17, 2023 will not be affected.
  • Subscriptions are currently $1 per year. In national currencies, this is 42.51 Philippine pesos or 1.43 New Zealand dollars.
  • Those who refused to pay will remain in read-only, read-only mode: they will be able to subscribe to other accounts, read posts and watch videos.

X has not announced plans to roll out Not A Bot globally, but promises to share test results. Elon Musk himself


, That such protection against spam will make it three orders of magnitude more difficult to manipulate the platform. He does not explain why verification by phone number is not enough for antispam.

Someone Aaron showedwhat the interface of the Not A Bot option looks like [изображение размещено до ката]. @xUpdatesRadar leads technical information about the flag responsive_web_not_a_bot_signups_enabled and new text fields.

Updating text fields. xUpdatesRadar

On April 14, 2022, Elon Musk began the process of buying the microblogging service Twitter. The $44 billion deal was completed on October 27 of the same year. The joint-stock company passed into private ownership.

The tycoon immediately began to implement radical changes in Twitter and the structure of the company itself. He immediately fired several key top managers and generally said goodbye to half of the employees. By April 2023, Musk has cut 80% of Twitter’s workforce.

The microbloggers themselves faced the changes. First appearing in 2009, the blue checkmark of a verified account has become commonplace. Until November 2022, the presence of a checkmark meant that Twitter had made some effort to verify the account owner’s identity and that such verification was necessary. The number of blue ticks was small and grew slowly. Under the new management tick got the right any Twitter Blue subscriber ($8 per month). Including, from April 1, 2023, the payment was requested from the previous owners of the check mark.

Also pay now required for API access and TweetDeck. The latter is a multi-panel dashboard for microblogging and reading Twitter, which has been renamed X Pro. Twitter itself has been called X since July 23 of this year.

The flow of bold, unexpected and ambiguously perceived decisions continues to this day. For example, in October, X stopped showing headers next to links. Instead, only the domain name and the preview image are visible in the feed. The change was criticized: users pointed out that such a thing could be misleading.

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