work with voice / Habr

work with voice / Habr

The more you become an expert, the more often HR sees you not just as a colleague… but as a speaker at conferences and meetups. Well, because you can’t hide such a treasure!

It is one thing to prepare a report, another to deliver it (heavy sigh). Even the most titled specialist can catch an attack panic 5 minutes before the triumphant appearance in front of the public. And this is approx.

In order not to worry and to share the experience with the audience with pleasure, you just need to tune in to the performance: organize your voice and nerves.

On the eve Mitapa in Ufa on March 28 collected in the article life hacks that will help you feel more comfortable in front of the audience and sound more confident.

Greeting! My name is Julia. I create content for the HR brand at Tensor. Previously, she worked as a radio presenter, where she learned to speak like Alice from your column and learned the tricks of working with the voice. The list below is completely self-tested. It’s cool if someone needs all this too. Exercises can be safely done approximately 30-15 minutes before the performance.

1. Breathing gymnastics

Conscious yogis and your physical education teacher seem to have approved this point. We need to experience diaphragmatic breathing, which is the same as what is known as belly breathing. All actors are taught to speak on the support, because it is safer for communication. Plus the voice will sound louder, deeper and more solid. It is especially relevant if there is to be a performance without a microphone. well suddenly)

Exercise 1. Breathe in through your nose, “inflating” your stomach, hold your breath for 1-2 seconds. Counting to the heel, slowly exhale through the nose. Perform the exercise 3-4 times.

Exercise 2. Take a deep breath: feel how the ribs expand and the stomach fills with air. To feel it better, I always put my hands on my ribs. Then slowly exhale to the sound of TSS. It’s like a mattress blowing up. Perform the exercise 3-4 times.

2. Warming up the muscles of the face

Face-building is in vogue now, but not about it now. We will do the warm-up exclusively for the purpose of improving diction. To articulate more clearly, you first need to warm up your muscles, and then drive with Greece across the river and maneuver with the ships. Follow this link simple and effective complex. You can perform at least 2-3 exercises from it. This will be quite enough.

3. “Warming up” of the voice

A little training will prepare the ligaments for work, help sound tighter and reduce the risk of voice cracking.

Exercise 1. Remember how a horse snorts (or your PM reacts to a request not to post dailies in the morning). Now take a deep breath, “inflating” your stomach. Then exhale and continuously make a trill with your lips (snort). Do it with sound. Less skepticism in the eyes – I see everything. Such a thing really helps the connections to adjust – ask any vocalist. This exercise is my leader in general.

Exercise 2. Breathe in. Close your mouth and moan long and hard. Stretch the “m” sound, feel how your nose resonates. do the exercise until you enter the astral 3-4 times.

4. Diction training

Speak these combinations clearly and distinctly. Gradually increase the pace:


At the university, we also threw the ball to each other in a circle while making these incredible sounds. Everything is not as simple as it seems… Well, good old patter never hurt anyone.

5. Water break

I would like something stronger… but we need water. Coffee is not suitable – it dries out ligaments, so it is better not to drink it before the performance itself.

It is even better to exclude sour foods from the diet a few hours before the presentation of the report. This provokes active salivation. Do we need it? We don’t need it.

6. Relieving tension

Not about the voice, but also helpful. You can calm down a little with the help of deep measured breathing, as described in the first point or according to the “square” pattern: inhale for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, exhale for four counts and hold your breath again for four counts.

You can also try this simple exercise: clench your fists and toes tightly for a couple of seconds, feel how the whole body tenses up and every muscle is compressed, and then relax sharply. I found similar techniques in Stanislavskyi’s book “An Actor’s Work on Himself in the Creative Process of Experiencing.”

Instead of imprisonment

Performing at a mitape is not singing in an Italian opera in front of a crowd, but it is also very cool and responsible. So, the voice and nerves will only thank you if you prepare them a little for your triumphant appearance in front of the public.

No one has ever canceled a sip of cognac and a heel under a heel. Yes, questionable…but okay! You can also use it if it helps you. After all, we know: the main thing is that it works, but in what way is another conversation. 🙂

More practice, and you yourself will not notice how you will become a guru of oratorical skills and will love meetings and conferences with all your heart (if suddenly you have not yet had a match with them).

We will be glad to see you at IT events of Tensor! Join us – let’s test all the tips on ourselves together. More information about events in our Telegram channel:

*insert most vital meme at the end*

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