With AdBlock enabled when watching YouTube, the CPU load increases by 15-18%

With AdBlock enabled when watching YouTube, the CPU load increases by 15-18%

According to PC Gamer tests, with AdBlock enabled, CPU usage increases by 17% when YouTube is open. This problem did not escape YouTube Premium users, who do not see ads by default as part of a paid subscription. They CPU load increases by a total of 15-17%.

Judging by the comments on Reddit, many noted the increase in the load on the processor and the simultaneous slowdown of the resource, but did not connect it with YouTube and AdBlock in any way. And although YouTube has already been caught changing the code that slows down video downloads, not everyone associates this problem with the actions of the video hosting company. The portal BleepingComputer, with reference to an expert, reported that the problem may not only concern YouTube and consist in the operation of the AdBlock code in versions AdBlock 5.17 and Adblock Plus 3.22, which were released last week.

Below is an example of a Firefox script.

Various portals have sent requests to Google for comment on the situation, but the company has not yet given an official response.

In November 2023, Reddit users noticed that YouTube started to load more slowly in browsers with ad blockers. The problem was first encountered by Firefox users, where YouTube videos were loaded several seconds slower than in Chrome. Later, users of Edge, Brave and Chrome began to report problems. The reason was the code added to the JavaScript file, which slows down the page by five seconds.

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