Will Twisted Metal 2 stand the test of time? / Hebrew

Will Twisted Metal 2 stand the test of time? / Hebrew

If you ask passionate gamers what they know about the most iconic survival games of the past, most will name Carmageddon, Vigilante 8 (the most old-fashioned is Quarantine) and, of course, Twisted Metal. And if I already wrote a review about the first one, then about the remaining three – it’s only due. I’ll probably start with the Twisted Metal series, with which I have a lot of fond memories. Before writing today’s article, I asked the question from which part to start my story, because each of them is good in its own way (at least on PS1 for sure), and each has an army of fans. My acquaintance began with TM4, which is why it is especially close to my heart, despite all its shortcomings. But in order not to be biased, I decided to find out which part you like and conducted a survey, the result of which Twisted Metal 2 won. And, as always, I’ll not only talk about your favorite game, but I’ll also post a compilation with a PS1 emulator and the game itself with one of the best fan translations to date.

Twisted Metal 2 was released in 1996, a year after the first part. Despite the fact that it was developed by Sony’s internal studio and was released for the PS1, I managed to sit down for it myself (not with friends) only on PC, when digging on the server of the city local (back in the early zeroes), I came across acquaintances from the PlayStation days two words – Twisted Metal – with the postscript “2”. Very surprised that the game was ported to PC, I immediately started downloading. Yes, it was the same series that has already become a favorite of mine, in which various broken dudes, geeks, and other interesting individuals participate in a “Twisted Metal” tournament organized by Calypso. The participant’s life is at stake, but the winner will be able to make any wish that will be immediately fulfilled! However, no one said that wishes would be fulfilled exactly as the dreamer intended…

If you know the relatively famous horror of the late 90s – “Fulfiller of wishes“, then remember that there was a similar idea: the jinn twisted human desires, turning them against themselves. Actually, this is what the whole attractive essence of any part of Twisted Metal is built on: adrenaline-fueled gameplay, an upbeat soundtrack that happens on the screen, and the final video (or text, if we are talking about the first part), in which the sad-winner makes a wish with an unexpected ending. Since each of the games in the series has a large selection of cars with extravagant drivers behind the wheel, you will surely be interested to find out what they are up to and what it will lead to.

My favorite is Amanda Watts, who uses a racing car that looks a lot like a Formula 1 car. I like her not so much for her Special or cool car, but for the witty and interesting ending in Twisted Metal 2 (in my opinion).

Having launched the second part these days, I did not immediately get used to the physics of the car’s behavior and control, but after a while everything started to work out for me, and the project began to bring pleasure. This is one of those cases when you are surprised that an old project with far from fresh graphics clings to the gameplay, not allowing you to stop the game until you pass it for at least one character! After all, the choice here is quite large! The developers have prepared 16 heroes, seven of which were transferred from the first TM, five are completely new, and in addition to them there are two bosses and the same number of secret heroes. Agree, worthy? And everyone has a background and a reason why they decided to put everything on the line, even their life (here is one example), for just one chance to win the tournament and grant Calypso a wish.

What is especially appreciated by fans, and because of which the second part is considered one of the best in the series, is the balance of techniques! Each car, in addition to its appearance and the story of its driver (with a unique ending screen saver), differs in technical characteristics and has both strengths and weaknesses. Some vehicles have more armor, but less mobility, the other, on the contrary, flies around the map at great speed, while having no protection at all, which makes the gameplay unforgiving for him. Only a good balance of cars would have been enough for the game to capture the hearts of players around the world in 1996, and there are also “Specials” that add enormous individuality – each wheelbarrow has a special attack that is unique to it. But even here, the developers approached the issue very thoughtfully, balancing each vehicle so that, for example, a rather mediocre car of the same Mr.Grimm could really “pull” thanks to the cool “Special”. And, of course, each car was distinguished by its handling. Yes, we are not talking about any overworked traffic physics (after all, this is an arcade race for survival), but believe me, you will immediately feel the difference in the behavior on the road after going through all the races and getting used to the conventional Hammerhead, and then getting behind the wheel Twister.

One of the jokes left by the developers. By chance, it is difficult to guess about her)))

Well, the main thing that the game bought was cheerful and very adrenaline-inducing (in many ways due to the high difficulty) battles in fairly spacious locations. Yes, now it is difficult to surprise, but in those years it really stuck. Each transport has an infinite (but weak) machine gun, as well as the “Special” described above, which regenerates over time. You have to get the rest of the weapons yourself, picking them up at locations and learning the secrets of the level. And here there is a lot to see (and preferably use)! There are also different types of missiles: from powerful, flying in a straight line, to weaker ones, but with minimal homing or homing. There is a volley of napalm that deals good damage and sets the enemy (or you) on fire. If you want to set a trap or break away from the chase, mines and explosives are at your disposal. And Serious Sam fans will appreciate the bombs bouncing off the walls (and my article about him). By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam’s developers borrowed such interesting weapons from Twisted Metal. Well, describing the combat arsenal, one cannot fail to note that on some maps there is a possibility of hitting opponents with high voltage (if they pass, for example, past a transformer).

And if that doesn’t seem enough to you, you can use special techniques-attacks. For this, similar to Mortal Kombat, you need to quickly press a key combination to perform a special trick (by the way, they appeared for the first time in the series in Twisted Metal 2). Freezing, shooting back, jumping, temporary immortality and other abilities can help you in different situations, so a good player always knows when and what is best to use. For example, before using Mr.Slam’s special attack (it’s a melee one), it’s a good idea to turn on the shield, and Thumper’s flamethrower is just great for pre-freezing the enemy!

All this action can be described as follows: fast, energetic and tooth-breaking – for those years it was something incredibly cool, but even now it plays very well!

And you have to take part in these towerless races in spacious (except Moscow) arenas with an impressive level of destruction in 1996: not only cars, fences or containers standing on the side of the road, but even large buildings (like the Eiffel Tower) are prone to destruction. after destruction get to the secret area or see a joke from the authors. You will visit Hong Kong, Moscow, New York and even Antarctica. Moreover, each of these places has a unique musical composition, a recognizable appearance and a different approach to conducting hostilities. A total of 8 main and 3 secret locations are available in different parts of the globe.

I want to express special respect to the authors for the many secrets and hidden areas. I think it’s really cool that the game rewards you for exploring locations, allowing you to discover something new even after dozens of hours (sometimes by breaking a passage by accidentally shooting a wall).

Yes, I remember with nostalgia what kind of hell could be created in the arenas when the two were cut together, especially if the players decided to use the codes. The moments are very fresh in our memory when, having obtained all the weapons (naturally with the help of cheats), we literally filled the streets of Paris with ricochet bombs, not allowing us to move on them normally, and we ourselves watched the hell that was happening, being safe on the roofs buildings or inside the Eiffel Tower.

Twisted Metal 2 is a survival race on cool cars with the possibility of picking up a huge number of weapons that are used in the destruction of all enemies. How can you not like this? The unspoiled audience of 1996 was delighted with what they saw, and in the CIS, I think this series of games was almost all PlayStation owners! This is how folk love arises!

What have I learned from playing TW2 these days? That I completely forgot how to play, and the project that I once played as all the characters, became completely foreign, which I had to get used to all over again. The graphics are not the best and the car physics are quite unusual by modern standards, but the driving gameplay and many other advantages that I talked about in this article outweigh any disadvantages. That is why Twisted Metal 2 is rightfully considered the best part of the series, and I advise you to touch the classic!

And so that you can return to your favorite game, I posted an archive with an emulator and an image of this great game with the best fan translation from the TAGteam group in the Old-fashioned Gamer Telegram channel. Therefore, there is no better reason for nostalgia!

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