Why your startup is not grown by leads and how to find this lever of growth

Why your startup is not grown by leads and how to find this lever of growth

Many entrepreneurs believe that as soon as they increase their marketing budget, business will take off. You only need to find a “connection” – and millions will fall on your head. You have probably tried many times to grow your business yourself, feeling for some simple action.

From the side, it seems to us that people use point chips and significantly improve their results. We try to apply their experience in our company, but often it does not give the desired effect.

This creates a sense of impasse: someone else’s experience seems unsuitable, own ideas do not inspire confidence or require other introductions (the wrong market, the wrong segment, the wrong business idea…). But, in fact, there are always a few key actions that will quickly and significantly improve the state of affairs in business.

As a rule, they lie deeper than the obvious solutions that come to mind first.

“If we had more money for marketing, we would have taken off long ago”

The idea of ​​finding a relationship that will ensure a return on investment hundreds of times over, looks tempting at first glance. Let’s not write about the fact that it is unlikely to work if you have poorly constructed marketing.

Let’s imagine for a moment that this is possible in reality. Facing? You are the owner of a restaurant business. On the market for many years, you have a steady flow of visitors. But not as big as needed for growth tasks.

You decide to increase your advertising budget to attract more visitors. And – oh, wonder – it works perfectly: the hall is full.

Be sure, at this moment you will immediately see all the fine points. There are not enough staff, there are queues at the entrance, the kitchen cannot cope, guests wait a long time to be served. It is immediately clear that the supplier is delaying the delivery, there are not enough products, drafts are being created on the menu. And the guest who wanted to order his favorite dish will leave disappointed.

Result? Dissatisfied customers who are unlikely to return. And now advertising for a thousand people turns into anti-advertising for ten thousand people. It’s the same in any other business.

Without established processes that are ready to scale, additional marketing investments can be wasted and even reputational.

It’s quite another to step up your marketing when internally you’re ready for growth.

“We don’t grow because I don’t have enough hands”

Often in business, we feel like we’re playing alone in a team game. We run around the field, trying to score a goal, hit the ball and at the same time sell tickets to the game. And the rest watch it from the stands, eating hot dogs or doing reviews between matches. There is nothing here, but they did not make it here, it would be corrected.

At this point, it occurs to us that people in employment are basically cool to the company’s goals: not their business = not their problems. But it’s not about people, it’s about the fact that we hired the wrong ones and the wrong ones.

Absolutely, there are masters on the market who are able to solve the tasks you need even more efficiently than you. There are certainly among them those who will be interested in your offer. You just don’t know how to look for them.

In our Telegram channel we talk a lot about how to build a strong team in a small business

“In order to grow, we need a breakthrough idea”

We hear that there is big money and demand in the innovation industry. And we are trying our best to come up with something that will make people fall in love, avoid our competitors, buy only our products and services, and allow us to become the top in our niche.

And in fact, great revenue and market demand is about how well we solve real (and not phantom) problems of customers and how convincingly we can convey why our solutions are useful to them.

For this to work, you need to have people on your team who will research the customer experience, formulate value propositions, and deliver them to market. And also – people who will really qualitatively solve the problems of customers.

If we talk about some kind of connection for magical growth, then it must consist of a precise understanding of the market, a quality product, its correct positioning and people who will provide and communicate these values.

Sometimes you walk through a supermarket or an online market and think: “What, is someone really buying?”. A bottle with a smartphone cover is a good example of an idea that once became innovative. Are the other bottles missing? And covers? Did all the bottle manufacturers start producing this product because it is cost effective?

Just inventing something new is not a “guarantee of success in business”. When your new product is not only creative, but also solves people’s real problems better than ordinary things and you can convincingly explain it, it’s a completely different matter.

So how do you find levers that will help you grow?

You should not be disappointed by what we will write now. But there are no “chips”, “links” and “topics” that will quickly solve all business problems. For now, your head is in chaos and you don’t understand what to do first, you are looking for a solution in the fog. No, not even like that.

Imagine that the car you are driving constantly stalls and stalls. You press the gas, but the car does not move. If you don’t know about cars, then you are constantly sifting through possible reasons. Is the engine broken? Battery dead? Have you run out of oil? Look at the instrument panel – and there is nothing. Stress increases, you raise the hood, pull some hoses, disconnect wires, look for something on the Internet.

Simply put – you start to fuss. And while you’re just sorting through and looking for the real reasons, you’re wasting time and damaging your car even more with incorrect actions.

Of course, if the car breaks down two or three times, you take it to the garage. There, they will determine the exact reasons and repair it. But for some reason, we don’t do that with our business. We think that now is not the time for us to understand everything ourselves. That “I will solve this problem right now and everything will work for sure, and we will start to grow quickly.” However, the desire to close one’s own project only grows, because the number of complications becomes extreme.

So what must be done to find these cherished levers?

The first step is awareness. Understand that business growth isn’t just about increasing the numbers on your leads or leads reports.

Growth is the ability to see and take advantage of the opportunities that are already at your fingertips. And for this we need a clear and transparent dashboard that will give us relevant data about the business. Such as:

  • Who is responsible for what in the company

  • What result does an individual employee bring?

  • Which can increase our profit by 5/10/100 times

  • Which products are profitable and which are not

  • And hundreds more data that create a clear picture of your business

We will talk about how to create a dashboard in your own company for the rest of the year in our Telegram channel. We are waiting for you there 🙂

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