Why it is not profitable for an efficient owl to hire even a stew (and to fire, on the contrary, it is profitable)

Why it is not profitable for an efficient owl to hire even a stew (and to fire, on the contrary, it is profitable)

Dedicated to born in powerless anger a text by a signalman nicknamed Pelmen about the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and a report by Silicon Lifeline: Western Electronics at the Heart of Russia’s War Machine.

8 months from, nothing to show
The crew’s morale at a time low
When we put in to Port Royal for repairs

I open the news in the morning, and there – never once and again:

Lack of (highly qualified low-paid workers loyal) specialists were found thanks to a survey of the Institute of Economic Policy named after Gaidar (IEP) with the results of the study, RBC got acquainted. (Time two)

All this suffering “in public” from efficient owls is good until the last paragraph. Enterprises respond to staff shortages by raising wages.

At the same time, the population is as follows: In the spring of 2023, only 2% reported that their salary increased due to SVO, over the past year their financial situation improved to one degree or another in 15%, while 33% worsened because current expenses increased (39%) , and some (7%) lost part of their savings and/or income. Savin, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Herald of RUDN”. Series: Sociology”, No. 4, 2023 (source).

That is, stories about “Wages in 2023 increased for every third employee, RG said” should be read as “for the remaining 23, it remained the same or decreased.”

  • At the same time, IT is sitting in the same trouble pit – with a drop in salaries in the triplet/June.

  • With the declared since 2003 “here comes the trouble soon” — the movement “behind the scenes” is limited only to conversations “how hard it is for us owls, the hare is a liberal, the jerks are stupid, let’s bring the negroes from Kenya, they are working, because even Masturbek and Dildojon do not want to work for $300“.

A paradoxical situation arises: effective management consciously does not increase the salaries of personnel already on the project, not forgetting to say – what personnel are bad, unsuitable and not loyal. But managers constantly write about how effective they are, it cannot be that they do not read the classics:

In order to introduce two new people, even quite competent and experienced ones, one old employee is needed. If he needs a month for this, then 3 man-months will be devoted to work that is not taken into account in the initial plans. (Frederick P. Brooks / The Mythical Man-Moon)

How can this contradiction be resolved?

Let’s start considering the situation from below. It is easier to write a text for IT, for some metallurgy or cosmonautics or radio communication it is a little more difficult to write, but it is basically the same.

Let’s say you have some kind of facap with IT. The service fell and did not rise by itself, as it should. You are the head of the department, and you are called to a debriefing meeting. The real reason for the fall is that the service was originally written on the knee as a concept, and at the bottom lies a lonely database, without Galera Cluster. It would be possible to do well, but in order to do well, it is necessary to do so much that it is easier not to do, but to leave it as it is. Because they will not pay for “doing well” and there is no money for normal “everything”. To be precise, the money is for a new car for management, not batteries for an uninterruptible power supply.

Or, let’s say you are a metallurgist and you have a huge rolling mill-100,500 kilometers long, with various sensors, water curtain nozzles, and so on up to the rough and finishing group of rolling machines (cages) and their shafts. But. The sensors were Siemens, the shafts were from Ukraine, and the only engineer who understood how all this worked in a complex from the time of the USSR died five years ago from old age. And your marriage begins both by inclusions (from the ladle) and by the thickness of the roll. The customer says “well, we’d better take the Chinese, it will be cheaper, you have 7 batches out of 10 — sometimes there is a difference in thickness, then there is a difference in hardening and tempering, and the sheet breaks during stamping.”

The planning and planned humiliation of you as the boss begins. you start for the general (the general does not mind small things) to tell something. But you you can’t directly say that it is you personally who cut all applications by 70% for the third year for consumables and do not approve the staff of the neighboring department, although you know very well that you need to rewrite the staffing schedule. Saying this is a sure way to get fired, and you are already 35 years old, and the last time you did something with your hands was five years ago, and you have not closed the mortgage and the loan has not been paid. And there is only one plant in the city. There are no others. Completely. The nearest one is the same — Novoosynovsky Metallurgical. That’s why you start complaining about the fact that the current staff is not the same, people are working, but not the same – you need to hire someone.

An ideal candidateto fix everything.

Great idea and everyone gets it. AND no one not to blame for the fact that the problem was not solved, yes will not be resolved. Because otherwise you can expose yourself and find out that it was your board of directors that over the last 15 years made the transition from the Russian model of management (Prokhorov) to a new model of management *.

*Differences are described in the book Russian model of management, Oleksandr Prokhorov – for LL it says that the Soviet model of management was built on a surplus of personnel with similar qualifications, but with a small workload – which allowed, if necessary – that is, at the beginning of the war – to dramatically increase output products The new management model is a surplus of administrative personnel that are not related to the main production.


The head of the department “with a problem” understands that as soon as he finds it any employee, he will disappear the opportunity to refer to the fact that there are no personnel.


While he is looking, we can say that the labor market is like this now, personnel are looking for, but cannot find, specialists do not want to work for a bowl of rice salary according to the market, demographics are not the same, loyalty is reduced.


The head of the department writes the vacancy “as best he can” I need an employee: a cook, a groom and a carpenter. And where can I find such a thing? A servant is not too expensive. And it interferes with the fact that he does not have a job rate, and this is problem number 1. Because the chief’s desire to “do well” alone is not enough, it is still necessary to agree on the vacancy “in cells” – in the staffing schedule, to approve the new staffing schedule at the committee with management of the staff schedule, then sign it in the Committee on Committee Management, and only then will it have a “cell”. In the box you need to write the salary, and here comes problem number 2 – the budget. The budget of the department was agreed three years ago, and there is no money. First, you have to pass the budget committee, the personnel policy committee and the committee management committee. The latter meets once a quarter. In addition, the boss cannot set a salary that he considers correct – the opinion of the salary and personnel policy subdivision must be obtained, which salary in the queue behind the fence is considered “average” and “market”. It is very important that the salary should not be higher than that of the boss (who has been raised by 5% for the last 5 years)while the market was growing by 10%), and no more than 15% higher than the girl (TM) believes, taken to the salary and personnel department, because he asked a friend for her second lover, and she is bored at home, and the nail is only 20.

After six months, the “breakthrough” head of the department gets the opportunity to transfer the vacancy to the personnel search department, with the requirements of “knowing everything” and the salary of the size agreed by the subdivision. That is, about 30% lower than the real market at the time when all this was approved, plus inflation for six months.

The vacancy, from the point of view of all participants in the process, is ideal — it solves all the real tasks of the participants and cannot be changed by anyone individually, because there is no benefit from changing it. The Nash equilibrium is reached:

Personnel they pretend that they keep their finger on the pulse of the market and are ready to sign that this particular salary for such a vacancy is average, according to the leading analyst of a friendly HR firm with the mistress of the friend of the deputy general and the lover of the second deputy chairman of the board of directors.

Head it is signed that this vacancy is exactly what he needs, and everything will be done as soon as the right person is found.

Committees management of the committees are also satisfied — 5 meetings were held, KPIs from the meetings were fulfilled.

HR begins to look for vacancies, which were written crookedly by the boss at first, not understanding – who they are looking for, for the salary – which, as she was told, “according to the market”. At the same time, HR itself was hired either by acquaintance, or if it is the state. an office or close to an office — as a single, cheap, worker, for 3–4 bosses who do… nothing. They participate in the meetings of the management committees, analyze the market, and provide oral reports.

And in the entire search process, there is not a single person who is really interested in the successful completion of the search and hiring.

To the initiator search is not profitable to find a person – there will be no reason to say “there are no personnel in the department”.

HR department it is not profitable to show real salaries on the market – because then suddenly someone may find out that their company does not have the best conditions. There is such a belief among personnel that if it is forbidden to talk about one’s salary within the company, then everyone will follow this ban.

HR it is not profitable to find someone, because: if she finds someone, firstly, they will say that the task is completed and something else needs to be done, and secondly, the working hours will not be written off anywhere. This is not to mention the utter wretchedness of the hh.ru interface for amateurs and real problems with searching. They are, but they are indifferent to the boss-customer of the search.

And as a result, you, as a boss, are simply not interested in the result. What is needed is not the result, but the process. HR goes to you – here you have 30 candidates, she doesn’t care which ones – and you are like that, dada, I’ll take a look now. And you watch for two weeks, having chosen well, if only one. This one is quickly bombarded with questions: “you don’t have Internet, a phone, you are in the middle of the forest, on which port you are configuring imported Kerberos, and at this time wolves are howling nearby – and you need to choose between deploying the second type of hypervisor and docker swarm. You only have 5 amp hours, 12 volts – no more inverter in the middle of the swamp.”

Now you have not one, but three reasons to say that you are well done and not to blame — not only there are no personnel, but also no one is looking, the market has decided — what about me? I did everything, the KPI is fulfilled.

At the same time, it is beneficial for you to weed out personnel as much as possible using any methods. Including not showing salary in vacancies. Because if it is greater than that of employees with approximately the same responsibilities, then they, even the most gregarious, with cedar in the background, may start grumbling. If it is smaller, then there will be no flow of candidates at all. A balance is needed, and we will ideally achieve it by blurring nozzles, tasks and extending the period of search and evaluation as much as possible. And a fork of the type “50-150” or “200-600”.

And, only if the boss is bothered from above, in a strict form and in the form of “you said you would find a person, let’s search” – only then the task begins to be pushed through the bureaucracy to HR, and only then does the initial search begin with all the problems, a kind of “search budget no, I’m currently looking for a husband, but without experience in the capital – now.”

(This is a shortened version of the article, those who wish to find the full version on their own)

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