Which programming language to choose in 2024

Which programming language to choose in 2024

There are many, many programming languages ​​(already more than 7,000 and growing). And a lot depends on which programming language you choose, because you can spend years learning it. But suddenly it turns out that you studied some half-dead programming language that no one needs anymore, that is, you will just throw your time in the garbage can?! But I don’t think you want to miscalculate like that! Therefore, it is important to choose the right programming language!

So every year the jobs change, the Google queries, the number of mentions of the language and even the number of requests on Stack Overflow and the number of projects on GitHub change. And based on all this, you can make assumptions about which programming language will work and which will not. Now let’s talk about programming language trends for 2024. And I will say right away, there is a lot of interesting stuff here 🙂

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TIOBE ranking for March 2024

In 2024, Kotlin broke into the top 20 programming languages, Python still holds the 1st place and does not plan to give it to anyone. Finally, the Go language showed signs of life, but Java, on the contrary, is slowly rolling, even dying little by little. You can freak out, but the 15th place in the top is occupied by Pascal, but not the one that is taught in school, but its improved version of Delphi and Object Pascal. In general, there is a lot of interesting stuff here, and I will arrange everything for you and tell you which programming languages ​​to learn in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence

We are programmers and we understand that neural networks are a really cool thing, especially in the right hands, and if the hands grow from where they should, then in general it’s great. What programming language to learn to work with neural networks? And, no matter what, the answer is only one – this Python. Whether you like it or not, whether you love it or hate it, it won’t change anything, because in neural networks, Python is the king of the hill, everything runs on it!

Of course, there are other programming languages ​​for AI, for example, C++, Julia, R Lang, Java Script, Lisp, etc. But at least you should not start your journey in neural networks with them. So Python is your choice. And in general, telegram bots, websites, all kinds of scripts, services and the language itself are very cool and every self-respecting programmer should know it.

Game development

So, if you are just starting your journey in game development, then I can safely advise you to start with the engine Godot, and even before that you can learn such programming languages ​​as C#, C++, or their built-in engine language – GD Script. Games made on Godot can be compiled for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, IOS, VR, and even Playstation and Xbox. Godot still has its own physics engine, its own global lighting system – SDFGI, and even a full-fledged editor like Unity itself, in which you can visually develop your game, which is, of course, very convenient. In general, the engine is very cool and I advise you to at least try it.

But we should not forget about veterans. Unity and Unreal Engine, they were in demand, are in demand now and will be in demand in the future! Knowing them, you can easily find a job and easily make a game. And the situation has not changed yet: mobile games are made on Unity, and large PC games with cool graphics are made on Unreal Engine. And if you are going to work in game development, then one of these engines should be your choice. Well, for Unity you need to learn C#, and for Unreal Engine learn C++

Software development

So, for software development, feel free to teach JavaScript, it is both popular and effective, and it would be very silly to deny it. But the main problem with JS is that it is very slow, the programming language does not allow writing fast programs, and it is not about developers, it is about JS. And this is where The JavaScript Oxidation Compieler comes into play, as a result, the same ESlint works 50-100 times faster. Such well-known applications as Discord, Netflix and Facebook clients, the code editor Visual Studio Code and many others have already been built on Javascript.

Well, usually, the classics of software development are C++ and C#. CS:GO, StarCraft, the Unity and Unreal Engines, and even the Xbox and PlayStation OS are written in C++. Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub Desktop, Skype, Paint.NET and many games are written in C#.

What can be said about mobile development, then everything is simply used for Android Kotlinand use for IOS Swift.

Web development

Well, the main programming language in this category will be finished JavaScriptAlmost all web development is now based on it. And now no one will create a normal site without using JavaScript.

Of course, for web development you can use Pythonbecause there are good reasons for this: firstly, Python has Django, FastAPI and Scrapy, these frameworks are used very often and therefore they are needed, secondly, as it was said before, Python is very friendly with neural networks, and they are more and more often and more often begin to meet in websites, thirdly, there is a frequent connection – this is a website.


At the end of the article, I will write that when choosing a language, first of all, look at the direction of your development, and then look for a programming language that is already relevant and convenient for you.

I hope I helped you with your choice 😉

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