which metrics can be used and whether their implementation is effective

which metrics can be used and whether their implementation is effective

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are key performance indicators of an employee, which allow to evaluate the achievement of set goals and objectives, the effectiveness of work in the company. Everything is clear with the sellers. Their effectiveness can be measured by the amount of profit they bring to the enterprise every month. But with IT specialists, things are more complicated. How to evaluate a developer in terms of key performance indicators? What KPIs can be implemented? I will tell you about this.

KPI for developers – to be or not to be

Assessing the key performance indicators of IT professionals is difficult. And now I will explain to you why, I think after that you will agree with me:

  • The work of developers is not a step-by-step process that can be driven into time frames and qualitative/quantitative indicators. Because of this, it is impossible to develop a general system that would allow evaluating the work of IT specialists.

  • The IT field is very multifaceted. Each developer has his own area of ​​responsibility, which cannot be compared with the duties of another employee.

  • The IT field often requires a creative approach. Accordingly, the same task in different projects can have a different level of complexity.

  • Developers in most cases need to work not alone, but in a team. Therefore, their effectiveness largely depends on its other members.

But, as they say, they are afraid of wolves – do not go to the forest. Difficulties that have to be faced in evaluating the efficiency of employees from the IT sphere are not a reason to abandon developers’ KPIs at all.

What metrics should be used to evaluate the effectiveness of IT specialists

Performance indicators are difficult to choose, but possible. I will share with you the most effective KPIs that are intended for developers.


When calculating efficiency indicators, the number of tasks with crashes arising from the fault of the developer who edited the code is taken into account. Everything is logical here: the fewer incidents related to features that are released and fixed, the higher the IT specialist’s KPI.

Hitting the score

When a developer receives a task from an analyst for development, he must immediately announce how much time he will spend on it (Story Point or man-days).

When an IT specialist voices a certain segment, for example, 3 days and falls within this period +/- a few hours, this is a good indicator. If he prolongs or reduces the terms, this is not good. Thus, the more accurately the employee estimates the time to complete the assigned tasks, the higher the developer’s evaluation criteria will be.

Designing the task

When an IT professional describes a task in the tracker, he records exactly what he did. The design of this must comply with specially designed standards. He writes when and what he fixed, what the tester should do, gives recommendations for analysts, etc.).

Important points when analyzing developer performance

As I said, development is a creative process, so it would be wrong to measure it solely by technical parameters. For example, efficiency can be evaluated by the number of lines of code written. The fact is that it can be artificially increased by filling it with non-functional pacifiers. They will add a lot of volume, but there will be no sense from them.

When evaluating, you should pay attention to the following performance indicators of developers:

  • Team work. It can be measured by analyzing the activity of the employee and his interaction with other team members, the ability to put forward interesting ideas.

  • Level of coding complexity, code performance. This can be measured by the time it took to complete the task, the memory used, and other resources consumed.

  • Quality and efficiency of the finished product. These parameters can be determined using such indicators as the number of errors and bugs, compliance with all norms and coding standards.

  • Ability to learn. It is determined by how quickly an IT specialist learns new technologies and programming languages. This is important because the field of IT does not stand still and is constantly changing. You have to keep up with these changes.

You can use various tools to facilitate KPI accounting. For example, specialized software, CRM systems, EXCEL and other manual input programs. Just note that the last method is time-consuming and dangerous, as it allows you to adjust numbers and calculation formulas by hand.

Unfortunately, there is no clear KPI evaluation system in the IT sphere. For each company, it is necessary to use an individual approach, which is selected through trial and error.

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