What to play? – Star Wars TIE Fighter / Hebrew

What to play? – Star Wars TIE Fighter / Hebrew

I was about 10 years old when I was first introduced to the Star Wars universe. As I remember now: I woke up out of nowhere at 5 in the morning and, in order not to wake anyone in the apartment, quietly turned on the TV in my room. I flipped through the channels one after the other until my attention was caught by the funny creatures from an unknown (at the time) movie playing on TV-3. I couldn’t tear myself away. Yes, it was the sixth episode of Star Wars, and the “funny creatures” were Ewoks. The film impressed me so much that, without thinking for a long time, I asked my parents for money and went in search of a recording disc. In a store in another city, I managed to find a complete collection of the first three classic parts, of course, it was pirated. After returning home, I binge-watched all three episodes and became a devoted Universe fan forever. Even with a bad imagination, I regularly imagined myself a participant in events and dreamed of getting to the battlefield. Games helped me to satisfy this desire, because where else can you experience maximum immersion and feel like one of the characters of this universe.

I’ve tried a lot of projects and here’s what I’ve noticed: there are quite a few games where you can be a Jedi or a smuggler, traveling around planets and engaging in lightsaber battles and gunfights, while quality projects focused entirely on space ship battles are really a bit. We can only mention the recent Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars: Battlefront or Star Wars: Rebel Assault (but the last two are from a different opera, as they are rail shooters or not pure space sims). But there was another “star” of the gaming world that allowed you to immerse yourself in space battles – Star Wars TIE Fighter – one of the most significant games about Star Wars of the 90s. This is the first part of the series about space battles from the LucasArts company, which at one time caused an incredible sensation. In 2007, IGN ranked Star Wars: TIE Fighter in third place among the 25 best PC games of all time, and two years later in the same ranking, the game took second place.

Today I want to offer you to play not just the game of 1994, but its modern modification, which raises the graphics to a new level, allowing fans of the original to return to their native bosom, and newcomers – to touch the classics. In addition to graphical improvements, the fan remake offers an updated soundtrack, 16:9 aspect ratio and much more! The game really transforms, thanks to which there is a great opportunity to look at the project of almost 30 years ago in a new way.

The game is a space simulator where you, as a pilot in the service of the Empire and controlling various ships (such as TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Defender, etc.), fight against the rebel forces. Dozens of missions are at your disposal, where you have to deliver cargo, capture objects, escort allied ships, and, of course, fight the enemy. Looking at the gameplay through the eyes of a modern player, you are often amazed at the scale and staging of the battles, they look and feel very epic! What many of us imagined in childhood was realized in the game, and with the new modification it began to look even more natural and beautiful!

TIE Fighter: Total Conversion (TFTC) is an almost complete remake of TIE Fighter based on the more advanced engine of its triquel (X-Wing Alliance), supplemented by its extensive fan modernization of this game. This mod also applies to the triquel, so through the launcher settings you can switch the game from Star Wars: TIE Fighter to Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. How to do it, I will indicate in the instructions for the archive.

The developers not only paid attention to the visual component of the game, making the graphics many times more attractive, but also refined many gameplay moments, worked on the balance and added support for gamepads, as well as VR helmets!

And recently, a new update version 1.3.3 was released, which continues to improve the already excellent mod. Ray tracing, new explosion mechanics, updated title menu and much more have appeared. If you’ve played previous versions and want to know what was added, you can watch the patch notes video here.

The plot of this part tells about the betrayal of one of the former generals of the Empire, who switched to the side of the rebels for a lot of money. It wouldn’t matter, but he is the head of the program for the development of a new advanced fighter called TIE-Advanced. Throughout the campaign, you try to intercept and capture him. And at the very end of the game you will have to fight face to face with new models of ships, the secrets of the development of which he tried to sell to your opponents. The big advantage of this project is the simulation battles, which are hotel tasks. First, you can learn to control the ship, and then get a real challenge, performing new and new tasks. For successful completion, you will receive various orders and other awards, and when you complete secret tasks, you will receive a personal thank you from the emperor! By the way, in this modification you have the opportunity to leave the tasks from the original game and use the improved missions. The choice is yours!

It may seem to many that the installation of the mod is quite complicated and tedious. To make your life easier, I did it for you, packaged it and posted it in the Telegram channel “Old-fashioned Gamer”. If you want to feel like a fighter pilot in the Star Wars universe, then this game is for you.

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