What to play? – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun / Hebrew

What to play? – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun / Hebrew

Oldfags in place? I suggest you dive into 1999 and remember with the help of a fan remaster such a great game as Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun! It was one of my first PC games, so it’s no wonder it holds a special place in my heart. The game is praised for its excellent gameplay and interesting story with cool cutscenes and real actors who, like a movie, tell a story invented by the creators. But in those years, as a seven-year-old child, for whom the only opportunity to touch PC games was to visit my older brothers, I did not delve into the plot at all, because there was simply no time to understand the confrontation between the two factions (GDI and NOD). All I wanted was to enjoy the gameplay. And how handsome he was at that time…

It is worth starting with the fact that the development company C&C Tiberian Sun is considered one of the founders of the real-time strategy genre (as we know it today). Along with the same Blizzard Entertainment, the guys from Westwood Studios created hits that became the basis of strategies and role models for many years.

So what’s so cool about this game? First, breakthrough game design and gameplay, which strongly distinguished it from its competitors. Yes, at that time there were already Dune and previous projects of the C&C series, but this does not negate the fact that the gameplay still remained interesting and addictive. Secondly, the factions and units are atypical for those years. Thirdly, there are cool, often slightly absurd, but at the same time very bright plots, which are revealed, as a rule, in the form of screensavers with real actors. Many of these roles are played by Hollywood stars. Example, James Earl JonesWhose voice became literally native to all Star Wars fans (because he voiced Darth Vader), Michael Bean (starred in The Terminator, Alien, The Rock, etc.) and many other actors who later became famous thanks to this game franchise. And, fourthly, outstanding music. In my opinion, this is not the best game in the series for composer Frank Klepacki, but it definitely lives up to the brand, as you can see for example after listening to this tune.

James Earl Jones

But it was not even the music or the visuals that touched my scraps of soul the most, but the voiceover, familiar and learned by heart over the years. I’m sure that after hearing phrases like “New Construcion options”, “Waiting orders”, “Sir yes sir”, every oldfag will fall into the past, with a smile remembering the games in his favorite game, when the calendar was in the distant 1999 and everything was perceived completely differently. I can say that this is exactly what happened to me.

I think it is hardly possible to say that the gameplay for different sides of the conflict is fundamentally different. At the same time, it must be recognized that the tactical pattern of the NOD will differ from the GDI, at least in that the former, being a semi-terrorist organization, place the main emphasis on speed, secret penetration and ambushes. In this they are helped by armored personnel carriers moving underground, a stealth tank and a camouflage field generator. At the same time, GDI stands out for its slowness and maximum power. I remember how then, back in 1999, I was surprised by the opportunity to control not ordinary soldiers or tanks, but huge walking robots! I don’t know, maybe because of the age, or maybe because of the unbeaten visual for the strategies of those years, I literally fell in love with them (and a little later I discovered the MechCommander series with similar robots at the head) – slow, but so dangerous, armed with large-caliber guns! And if we are talking about the Mammoth walker, then strongly resembles AT-AT his appearance, he uses as a weapon a powerful beam that sweeps away everything in its path!

By the way, there are points that I did not notice before, but after playing dozens of different strategies, I saw it. I saw an extraordinary attention to detail, from the debris that flies when a building is destroyed (which can injure nearby infantry), to the soldiers running out of a collapsing building, and, most notably now, the building’s proportions and units. I’ve always wondered how in some games a conventional foot soldier can be bigger than a barracks…yes, a game convention, but how nice to see robot Titans coming out of a military factory, just like it could be in real life.

A lot of time has passed since the release, during which time even the most excellent game will become a little outdated. And all things considered, after the recent official modernization of C&C and C&C Red Alert, Electronic Arts, the company that owns the rights to the franchise, has decided not to release any more remasters of the series. But the fans came to the rescue! They managed to remake the original game, improving it, without changing its essence and without adding any “scratch”. That’s why I propose to launch C&C Tiberian Sun today with the help of this fan reworking of the classic. In addition to adjusting compatibility with modern systems and screen resolutions, many bugs of the original project have been fixed, and the interface has been redesigned. And for a snack: a multiplayer was introduced (because the official servers have been closed for a long time) and a convenient mod manager was added. In addition, both the original campaign and the official Firestorm add-on are available to the player. Isn’t this the perfect gift for a true oldfag?

A spoonful of tar is the lack of support for Russifiers from the “classic” version of the project. I tried to somehow get out of the situation and found a Russifier just for this remaster, but, unfortunately, it was made for an outdated version, so not everything works perfectly, the game can be colored. To avoid this, I wrote an instruction where I indicated how to install it to play without any problems, although not everything will be translated (you will have to watch the same videos on YouTube if you do not speak English).

So what can I say about Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun? The best description characterizing my attitude towards her would be Lampova. Yes, this broken word is most suitable for T&C Tibirium Sun. Launching it, you seem to fall into a rabbit hole, where you meet long-forgotten characters from the screensavers, immerse yourself in excellent gameplay, honed over the years, while cool music sounds in the background and, like honey for the ears of an oldfag, the lines of your subordinates marking the performance. Today, thanks to the work of fans and their remaster, getting a ticket to this time machine has become easier than ever. And so that you can feel nostalgic with me “here and now”, I will post an archive with the game and its update, Russifier, as well as installation instructions in the Telegram channel “Old-fashioned Gamer”. I hope I can give you at least a couple of hours of reminiscing!

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