What interesting things to give for the holidays: selection from Freelancehunt

What interesting things to give for the holidays: selection from Freelancehunt

Bringing pleasure to your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues is to add a little warmth and joy to this difficult time for everyone. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to find and choose gifts yet, the Freelancehunt team is here to help! We have prepared a selection of universal, interesting and healthy options for every taste and budget. All you have to do is choose, knowing the tastes and preferences of the recipients, order and give a pinch of festive mood to important people.

Certificate for training/lesson/master class/service

  • It’s probably worth starting with the most relevant at the end of the year. certificate for massage course. Everyone will be happy with such a gift, because it is 2 in 1 – both useful and pleasant. Just before purchasing a certificate, take care of the convenience of travel so that going for a massage does not turn into a grueling trip to another city.
  • Do you have a colleague or friend who has been talking about wanting to start dancing or going to the gym for a long time? If somewhere deep in your soul you had such a desire, why not support your loved one by giving a gift to both of you? Buy subscription for a joint lesson with a choreographer or trainer in the gym. This way you will help someone else decide to take this step, and you yourself will try something new. What if this becomes your favorite activity and brings you even closer together?
  • Certificate for extreme driving lessons – a gift that can amaze. The activity will be especially interesting in winter – when it is snowy and slippery. And if you also ask the instructor to turn on “Jingle Bells”, put on a Santa cap and give the recipient your gift in the same way, the atmosphere will be truly magical. However, it is important to be sure of two things: that your loved one loves driving and everything that comes with it, and that he is quite adventurous and easy-going. After all, this gift is designed to relieve emotional tension, and not the other way around – to scare you or make you shake it off too much.
  • If extreme sports is not at all about the person you are looking for a gift for, pay for it classes in a pottery workshop. There is magic happening there too, but it is calm, meditative and inspirational. This is actually a good idea for two reasons: your loved one will be able to relax and enjoy the creative process, and then they will receive their own unique product that they will happily use for years to come. It is convenient that most studios offer to send the finished product by mail, since certain processes of its preparation require many days of work by the master himself.
  • Know a book lover building his own library? Then you can please him with a gift certificate for the production of a unique individual bookplate from Reinekelibro.

In general, the idea of ​​certificates is universal: it can be car tuning, manicure, purchasing electronics, makeup courses, drawing classes, tennis, swimming training, playing musical instruments. The choice is mega-sized, the main thing is to know that the recipient will definitely like the gift, will be useful and will pleasantly surprise you.

Books – nothing without them

Well, if we started talking about book lovers, let’s talk about another universal gift option – a book. Knowing the type of activity of a person, you can choose a publication that, in addition to positive emotions, will also bring practical benefits to the recipient. Here are several book options for representatives of different fields:

SMM managers

For copywriters

Managers, business consultants


For programmers

For designers

If you are afraid of making a mistake with professional literature, here are several options for books for general development and self-improvement:

But having absolutely no idea about literary preferences, it is difficult to choose a truly successful publication. The best solution here is a gift certificate for a specific amount to your favorite bookstore.

Board games

Board games are another wow idea for a symbolic, but interesting and even useful gift. Calm evenings in the company of friends, educational games with children before bed, coffee breaks with colleagues in a workspace, family gatherings for the holidays, romantic dates for two – the modern assortment is so diverse that there is an ideal option for every occasion. We offer our selection and will be grateful for adding your favorite board games to the list in the comments 😉.

To remember your school days, it’s enough to laugh and feel nostalgic in the company of friends:

To get to know your partner better or to please a loving couple of friends or colleagues:

The next game is suitable for the ambitious and influential and will be an interesting gift for a colleague or manager.

If ordinary toys are no longer able to interest you, the game “Between Us. Kids“is a great way to build trust with your child and hear intricate stories in response to interesting questions. Will agree in the gaming arsenal of all parents.

The following game should simply be in every home, coworking space and office – it is an explosion of laughter, emotions and positive mood for any company. It can be either a separate mini-present or an interesting addition to the main gift.

Practical gifts

We’ve sorted out the interests, now let’s move on to ideas for lovers of practical gifts. These options are especially useful when you don’t know the preferences of the recipient of the future gift very well: a power bank and a shopper are never superfluous 😉.

  • Powerbank – a universal option that will be useful not only during possible blackouts, but also in general – on the road, at work, at school. Modern models of beliefs look stylish and compact, despite their serious power. We recommend buying a power bank with a capacity of min. 20 thousand mAh. It is 100% enough for several smartphone charges. In addition, a device of such power is not too heavy or large. It will be convenient to take it with you, so a loved one will be doubly happy about such a gift.
  • Breakfast table – another must-have in every home. It is convenient to eat in bed, play board games and even work on a laptop! If you know for sure that your friend or colleague likes to do work in the captivity of blankets and pillows, purchase a special laptop stand with ventilation and adjustable angle as a gift.
  • Mousepad – at first glance, a banal, but necessary present for everyone. This is a top option for a symbolic gift for a colleague, freelancer or ardent gamer. However, here it is better to be a little clever with its design so that the aesthetic component is not inferior to the practical value of the rug. Our team liked the option with a cat, but there are many successful designs on the Internet.
  • Launch Box – what could be better for lovers of delicious food?) It will be useful for students, office workers, travelers, teachers, doctors and in general – anyone who loves home-cooked food, but cannot dine at home. Of course, you can just buy a stylish lunchbox as a gift, but a funny one will not only cope with the immediate task, but will also be fun. But don’t forget to fill it with goodies: according to popular belief, an empty lunchbox means you’re in a bad mood.
  • Shopper – a must-have for everyone: with it, going to the market will be more convenient and definitely more stylish. This gift will especially please environmental activists and everyone who cares about nature, but it will be useful for absolutely everyone in everyday life. In addition, the shopper can be just cool, or it can be cool with a touch of creativity – with an image that you need to paint yourself, similar to a painting by numbers. If you add sweets and beautiful packaging, you can easily please an important person.
  • Another mega useful present. glider. Of course, not everyone has the habit of planning their time, but many areas of activity involve the need to write down something, label something, keep records, record ideas, record important details of cooperation. If the loved one you want to surprise with a Christmas gift has a habit of keeping paper notes, both a classic and an ornate planner will not leave him indifferent.
  • Mask for sleep – the perfect gift to show your attention during the holidays. Funny prints and inscriptions on this accessory will definitely cheer up the owner and his family. In addition, this gift will be an impetus to start the next year healthier, because such a mask is good for health. A huge selection of sleep masks in Presentville – cute, funny, themed, and patriotic.

But it is worth noting that usually lovers of practical gifts may also not be delighted with surprises. Therefore, we recommend 3 scenarios:

  • ask directly;
  • ask to prepare a wishlist with wishes for gifts;
  • give a choice of several options from our list.

After all, this will simplify your task and guarantee a satisfied smile for the recipient.

Amenities for freelancers

Since freelancers work for themselves, they don’t have the pre-holiday pleasures of corporate gatherings and gifts. However, we have prepared several options on how to please a remote specialist – we are sharing ideas with you.

Special thanks for the work

To thank a specialist with whom you have successfully collaborated for a year, or to encourage a newcomer to a service that did a great job with your task, Freelancehunt offers to give him a Plus for 1 or 3 months. This is a kind of manifestation of attention that will definitely be useful to a freelancer in his work. And best of all, preparing such a gift will only take 1 minute: detailed instructions are here.

Online courses

A true specialist always strives to improve his skills and abilities, and you can help him with this:

  1. Laba offers New Year’s gift certificates for any course with discounts – an excellent opportunity to pay a specialist for the desired training. The promotion lasts until December 30, and the purchased certificate will be valid throughout 2024.
  2. WebPromoExperts, the leaders in Internet marketing training in Ukraine, have prepared special offers for the holidays: 23 courses can be purchased at a discount to please the freelancer.
  3. The Creative Practice team offers good discounts on courses and gift certificates for full access to the platform for 3, 6 and 12 months!

Useful trinkets

If your colleague, friend or other loved one is a freelancer, the following gift option will definitely cheer him up for the holidays. This is a themed, humorous or simply stylish desk calendar to help you stay on top of deadlines. We are sure that many will like our bright selection:

Secret list

Now we’ll show you a secret list of stores with a bunch of different options for bright, unusual and useful gifts for every taste:

  1. Russell’s teapot – with pepper.
  2. ORNER – bright and mega-original.
  3. Goose shop – anything, but always with goose.
  4. Vidro.ua – something cultural and patriotic.
  5. Koza Dereza – symbolically authentic.
  6. Cat. Darit is a paradise for lovers of original socks.
  7. Gifty – with soul and content.
  8. Spell – sweet.
  9. Jooki is a paradise for eco-sapiens.
  10. Your Box – gift boxes for all occasions.

Use our selection to please the attention of your family and friends. Anything from the list can be purchased/ordered in time to receive and gift on time. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve from the Freelancehunt team!

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