What has changed in Khabr during the first quarter

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Habre, a tech blogging platform, has added several new features to its site, including a typographer for external and nested quotation marks, dashes and hyphens, gaps, signs and abbreviations, and ranges in numbers. The site has also introduced three levels of publication complexity, as well as reading time indicators for each article. In addition, authors now have the option to add a clickable link to the caption of images. Habre has also included support for Markdown-mode for creating publications, enabled on the publication creation page. Various bug fixes and cosmetic changes have also been implemented on the site.

What has changed in Khabr during the first quarter

Hello, Habre! When a significant feature appears on the site, we make a separate publication about it. Otherwise, it turns out, as today, an extended changelog – in the first quarter it turned out because we are working on a new type of user posts, for which we had to do a lot of work both externally and under the hood. We plan to roll out the innovation already in April.

1. Typographer

The printer function has appeared in the new editor. Does not work automatically, so that the text is more under control. Just select a paragraph of text (or the whole thing at once) and click the button with the magic wand in the menu:

Button to activate the printer for the selected text

Here’s what he can do:

Quotation marks

  • For Russian-language texts, change external and nested quotation marks to “Text”.

  • For English-language texts – on “Text”

Dashes and hyphens

  • for ranges of numbers, change the hyphen to a dash: 10–20

  • change hyphens surrounded by spaces to long dashes: writing articles is good

  • replace long dashes in words not surrounded by spaces with hyphens: in a human way → in a human way


  • Find and remove double spaces and spaces before characters: .,;:!?%

  • Add spaces between:

    • number or paragraph signs and numbers: No. 8, § 104

    • numbers and any words, for example: 12 kg, 50 ml, 300 Spartans

Signs and abbreviations

  • Convert (c), (TM) and (R) to ©, and ®.

  • X (he) and X (x) as a sign of multiplication (that is, between numbers) should be changed to x.

  • Change to numerals (nth, -ой, -ая, -ое, -ые, -им, -ом, -их) to n-th, -i, -e, -m, -x.

  • Move quotation marks outside the link: “Link” or “Link“.

  • Replace the ruble. and dollars on and $.


Make phone numbers and some words with hyphens unbreakable, without the possibility of moving their parts to a new line: +7-123-456-78-90 and words with po-, in-/vo- and IT- (humanly, thirdly, secondly, IT-community).

* * *

Although we have added the printer to the site, we have not written about it yet – it was in the stage of public testing – thanks to everyone who took part in it. I found something, tried to fix it – if you find any bugs, feel free to write to me in PM/Telegram or in feedback form.

By the way, if you used the clipboard to insert text from an external editor with formatting into the post creation form and something went wrong, that is, the button to clear the formatting.

I do not lose hope that in the future the new editor will also have a spell checker function.

2. Levels of publication complexity

Authors of publications now have the opportunity to specify one of three levels of difficulty, which all readers will see from the feed: this will help to understand in advance what awaits inside. Along with this update, such an indicator as reading time appeared in each article.

You can learn more about this to read in the blog

3. Links in image captions

Now you can add a clickable link to the caption of the image — for example, for a more beautiful indication of copyright, source, link to a full-size image or a special offer. See the example in the previous paragraph.

4. Markdown-mode for creating publications

The new editor finally has support for the markdown mode, which is enabled on the publication creation page. Read more about him in a separate publication.

The menu for changing the publication writing mode

The mode “with the taste of the old editor” has been released – it can be fed both code from an old publication (which contains solid HTML) and bare markdown code – while saving the source code that is being edited. Recorded a small demo with two arbitrary texts:

One line

Traditionally, there were numerous bug fixes and cosmetic changes:

March 27

  • 🔥 A full-fledged markdown mode has appeared in the publication editor!

  • 🖼 Improved the display of reduced images in the feed

  • 📌 Made the metrics panel in publications smoother

  • 🐞 Fixed the indicator of new publications in the feed for the vertical iPad version

March 23

  • 📈 Corrected the cause of the negative rating among users

  • 📝 Improved the mechanism of inserting images from Google Docs via the clipboard

March 15

  • 💫 Fixed cuteness of avatars on retina displays

  • 🤘 Added touchpad swipe support for viewing stories

  • 🐞 Fixed news filter saving

March 10

  • 💫 In the mobile version, the counter of new comments has turned into a dot

  • 📱 Fixed language switching in the Android application

  • The display of surveys on the administration panel of the “Gigant+” tariff has been improved

March 9

  • ✏️ The ability to edit posts after the end of the blog subscription has been fixed

  • 📐 Corrected the display of formulas in publications

March 3

  • 🔥 Added the ability to insert links into image captions in the new editor

  • 📖 Refined the algorithm for counting the number of characters in the WYSIWYG editor

  • 👌 Fixed spoiler display styles

  • 📐 Aligned the display of the subscriber counter on the company administration panel

  • 🐞 Fixed the scrolling on the post editing page with code blocks

February 22

  • 💫 Added a link for the “From the Sandbox” badge

  • 📐 Corrected the vertical alignment of karma and rating on the user profile page

  • 👌 Fixed the indentation between the History block and the vacancy block

  • 🐞 Fixed behavior of hotkey “T” on publication pages

  • 🐞 Fixed overlapping of menu with dialog body in dialogues

February 20

February 16

  • 📅 The conclusion of publication dates for megaprojects has begun

  • 🐞 Fixed the 500 error on the user page

  • 🐞 The name of the “Resist” button in the surveys of the English version is incorrect

  • 🐞 Fixed pagination for difficulty levels

February 8

  • 🐞 Corrected the layout of the badge about unread messages in the mobile version

  • ⚓️ Fixed the appearance of a plus control in the editor after inserting an anchor

February 6

  • 🔥 Added to publications difficulty levels and reading time

  • 🔎 Updated the search engine

February 1

  • 💥 Added the message function to the admin of corporate blogs

  • 📅 Corrected the display of the date in the company card

  • 📱 Closed modal windows through standard Android control

  • 📍 Added the option to remove the settlement from the profile

  • 🐞 The rule about replacing dots in numbers was taken from the printer

  • 🐞 Eliminated “gluing” by the printer next to standing words.

  • 👌 Hotkeys have been fixed

January 30

  • 🗞 The “Other news” block has appeared on the news pages (at the very bottom)

  • 🔎 Viewing the publication in the old editor did not work

  • 🐞 Labels were not displayed in the post feed of users of the old version

January 26

  • ⭐️ Added the printer function to the new editor

  • 🐞 Fixed the insertion of paragraphs in table cells

  • 💬 Corrected the layout of comments under megaprojects

  • 💬 Fixed an empty die when replying to a comment for readonly users

  • 🎨 Changed the color of the new message indicator (from blue to red)

January 24

January 19

  • 💫 Added the “Show more” button in the “Best of the day” block

  • 💬 Made a reverse pull-to-refresh for updating the dialogue

  • 👤 Fixed the display of the suggestion being smaller in the editor

  • 🖼 Fixed keyboard navigation for long paragraphs with a picture after them

  • 🐞 Started displaying the list of publications in the admin of companies with an expired subscription

  • Updated the prices and changed the content on the “Continuation of subscription” page

January 12

  • 💥 Added a clear formatting button to the editor

  • 💫 Added support for the Esc and Enter keys in the modal post posting window

  • 🐞 The badge of the season began to be displayed on mobile tapes

  • 🐞 They started copying the new abbreviation

Changes can be tracked more quickly on a separate page.

Found a typographical error in the text? Highlight and click CTRL/⌘+Enter

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