We write import substitution, Valve is in mind, or an iron bolero from the masters of artistic fijital

We write import substitution, Valve is in mind, or an iron bolero from the masters of artistic fijital

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko



The “Future Games” will demonstrate Russia’s technological and sports sovereignty to the world

. Playgrounds for the feet in every yard, a small town instead of a fizra, an eagle’s nest in every backyard, have you thought? I also decided to study the rules of sovereign laptaball in advance, but everything turned out to be much more prosaic (spoiler: artistic



Official site of “Future Games”

(the URL of which already comprehensively demonstrates the level of import substitution) warns the laggards and the unaware that “fijital is the sport of the new reality.” I’m not strong in new language and I don’t know what the crackles have marked with a term that everyone will forget immediately after the budget allocated for this very phygital is cut. I simply wrote out in a column the names of the sovereign “sports” disciplines in competitions with


speed of signal passage through the spinal cord:

  • “World of Tanks” (Wargaming, Belarus)
  • Counter-Strike 2 (Valve, USA)
  • Dota 2 (Valve, USA)
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Moonton, China)
  • Standoff 2 (Axlebolt, Russia)
  • Warface (Crytek, Germany)

There are several other disciplines for which the name of sports is not indicated


programs, just “VR rhythm simulator” and “dance simulator”, although the games of the not-so-distant future will start as early as next month. The intrigue, probably: how they will jump out with sovereignty, and how they will jump out with import substitution – they will go

to dance the iron bolero

to walk scraps of epic with Ubisoft around the corners!

The mind-blowing list, designed to upset the world with the technological sovereignty of Russia, consists of half of the games that “left” Russia, and some of those that remained are trying to demonstrate the wonders fijitala acrobatics on the “two chairs” projectile (see how World of Tanks became the semi-Russian “World of Tanks”). Let me remind you that in 2022 they already tried to upset with the products of Electronic Arts and Facebook (which are strictly prohibited as extremist in general), now they bought Valve and Crytek games as part of import substitution.

However, the master of artistic whistling, whose half of the work book is written off with the names of advertising agencies, is not accustomed to, let’s say, submitting material “on the basis of advertising”, especially since he was not the first to start. And finally, we will not rule out the option that the whole fijital consists in breaking unfriendly games with patriotic crackers; then, of course, the matter is different!

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