we did not have a founding agreement with Musk / Habr

we did not have a founding agreement with Musk / Habr

OpenAI has filed a formal court filing saying the company has “no deal at all” with Elon Musk. In this way, she refutes the businessman’s claim that she violated the founding agreement by creating a commercial enterprise.

“As is clear from the complaint itself, there is no Constituent Agreement or any agreement at all with Musk. The founding agreement, by contrast, is a fiction that Musk concocted to assert an unearned claim to the fruits of a venture he first backed, then abandoned, and then watched succeed. The documents Musk cites as purporting to perpetuate a binding contract with him — OpenAI’s registration certificate and several emails — appear to contain no promises at all,” the statement said.

The company also claims that it is ready to prove the facts of the opponent’s support for the commercial structure of OpenAI and his exit from the project when the other co-founders refused to accept the businessman’s terms.

“Seeing the outstanding technological achievements of OpenAI, Musk now wants this success for himself,” the company is confident.

Earlier, Elon Musk sued OpenAI and its co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. He accused the creators of ChatGPT of violating the founding agreement concluded with him, which provided for the development of AI for the benefit of humanity, and not for profit.

OpenAI then sent an internal memo to its current employees. Strategy director Jason Kwon noted that Musk “regrets not being involved in the company’s work today.”

The company also published screenshots of correspondence with the businessman on its blog. It turned out that in 2016 he demanded “absolute control” over OpenAI or its merger with Tesla.

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