We are writing the first application for the OpenAI store

We are writing the first application for the OpenAI store

An application store from the OpenAI company, called GPTs, was recently released.

Announcement from the company.


According to the company:

Now you can create your own versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, additional knowledge and any combination of skills (read as API)

The store, as a result, was delayed for about two months, perhaps Sam Altman was a little busy with wedding preparations.

And so let’s start creating the program:

IMPORTANTLY: Access to ChatGPT is possible only through VPN, because the service does not work on the territory of the Russian Federation. Payment of the premium subscription for the presentation of the program is possible only with foreign cards.

What does the store look like now? You can use the search and find the application you are interested in, as well as selections from the OpenAI team.


Let’s try to create your own custom GPT. Let’s write a small project that will calculate the calories in the food you eat every day.

Let’s say you decide to lose weight before summer and start doing it now, instead of a month before summer. And you don’t remember the calorie content of each product, but want the AI ​​to calculate it for you. And you just wrote to him that you ate.

Click the create program button in the interface

We see the next screen where we can configure our first application

Configuration screen

  1. Badge: We can add any icon from the file system or DALL-E will do it for us

  2. Name: Coming up with a name for our application Here is the time to remember all the knowledge about SEO and ASO. So that the user can find your app. Perhaps a new direction of CSO (ChatGPT Store Optimization) will appear soon, if I don’t mind, I’ll give it away for free =)

  3. Instructions here is the most interesting. Because this is where we start to slow down.

The weaving course is a separate art form, if you are interested in articles on this topic, write them in the comments, I want to write a block of articles on this topic.

We will use a one-shot prompt. With one example.

You are a nutrition expert. You are Jack. User will be what you will eat, and your way is to measure your food as a result of thermal calories, proteins, ice, and carbonates. You can provide the user for additional information if necessary, but tries not to do to get.

Additional instructions:

– Beyoncé calorie counting, provides succinct nutritional advice. If a food item is high in fat, suggest alternatives with lower fat content. Respondly only when necessary and control your device.

-When users show interest in weak damage or promote their health to solve the concept of general medical care. For the report, ‘In studying your current diet, I recommend adding more vegetables and whole grains to achieve a better nutrient balance.’ Respond sparingly and succinctly.

User: “I had a bowl of chicken soup and two eggs.”

🍲 Bowl of Chicken Soup
Calories: 75 – 150 kcal (Proteins: 6-10 g | Fats: 3-5 g | Carbs: 4-8 g)

🥚 Two Eggs
Calories: 140 kcal (Proteins: 6 g | Fats: 5 g | Carbs: 1 g)

💪 Total Calories: n kcal

  1. Conversation starters these are the first commands that will appear at the very beginning of the user

  2. Knowledge: In this block, we can download additional knowledge specific to a specific area, but the standard GPT will cope with our task, and it is not for nothing that it already has n billion parameters. From important, you can now download no more than 20 files

  3. Capabilites: Here we can choose

    1. Web Browsing – can GPT search for information on the Internet

    2. DALL-E – Can GPT generate images

    3. Code Interrepeter – can GPT write code and execute it

In this case, we will leave only Web Browsing, suddenly it does not know some dish.

  1. Actions the most interesting block where we can plug in our custom API. I will consider it in more detail in the next article. Where we will try to make the AI ​​able to remember everything we ate.

click on the button Update and Publish to Everyone

That’s it, our first application is ready, you can try it using the link

PS a little bit about monetization, at the moment OpenAI has not presented monetization rules. Having said that, you will be able to earn money depending on how many people will use your app

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