Volvo has confirmed that the Russian car owner’s access to its information systems, including Volvo on Call, has been cut off

Volvo has confirmed that the Russian car owner’s access to its information systems, including Volvo on Call, has been cut off

The Volvo car manufacturer has confirmed the Russian car owner’s access to its information systems, including the Volvo on Call online service, and the revocation of licenses to the dealer’s special software.

The representative of the company explained that Volvo disabled the Volvo on Call mobile program for Russian customers, the service for exchanging technical data with dealers of the brand (TIE), as well as the VIDA system, with which service centers could diagnose car malfunctions and update the software of electronic units of cars.

Volvo explained the blocking by the requirement to comply with EU sanctions against Russia. The company emphasized that the restrictions apply to all Volvo cars delivered to Russia, even if you seek service support in another country. A direct question about whether such a decision can be considered a refusal of warranty service was left unanswered in the Volvo press service.

Problems with access to Volvo information systems for Russian customers arose in early October. Russian Volvo dealers are now unable to review the maintenance history, they are blocked from receiving software updates and the system for reprogramming new car keys in case of lost old ones. Owners of Volvo cars have reported that in the new version of the Volvo on Call 5.30 program, it is not possible to log into the account or some of the options are missing. It cannot check the status of the door locks, find out the location of the car, find out the fuel level or start a remote warm-up through the application.

In August, BMW and Audi disabled Russian dealerships’ access to their software (BMW ConnectedDrive and AudiService). Due to the limitations of manufacturers, it became impossible to duplicate the keys, there were problems with diagnostics of nodes and electronics. Services have found a temporary solution to carry out repair work to program BMW control units, gearboxes and parking sensors through “additional backup channels”, but this direction can also be blocked by manufacturers. But for Audi there is no such loophole or alternative software.

The Audi car company, which is part of the Volkswagen concern, confirmed the disconnection of Russian dealers from its software. The manufacturer’s IT systems will no longer work on the territory of the Russian Federation. Audi’s representative noted that the decision is related to the introduction of European sanctions against Russia.

In April, Mercedes-Benz disabled Russian dealers’ access to its software and blocked the Mercedes me ID electronic service for car owners in the Russian Federation. All programs related to the Mercedes me service have ceased to be available: Mercedes me Russia, Mercedes me Remote Parking, Mercedes me Adapter, AMG Track Pace, as well as the Mercedes-Benz dashcam application for the additionally installed accessory video recorder.

In January 2023, Porsche disabled access to the Porsche Connect mobile application for Russian customers. Owners of German cars are now unable to remotely control navigation and infotainment services.

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