VK Play opened the pre-order of “Trouble” from abroad with a Russian card

VK Play opened the pre-order of “Trouble” from abroad with a Russian card

The order of the historical game “Trouble” from the studio “Siberia Nova” is available from abroad from today. It can be issued through the VK Play playground, the official community of the project reported.

“Now you can pre-order “Smuta” not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in foreign countries. The version is only in Russian so far. A VK Play account and a Russian bank card will be required for the purchase. It will also be possible to receive the game as a gift from friends and relatives,” the developers write.

“Trouble” order opened on VK Play on November 4, 2023. The title description states that the project is under development. The tentative release date for the game is February 26, 2024. Game age limit: 12+. The price of the game for pre-order (single playthrough only) is ₽1612 with a discount from the developer. Without discount, the title is valued at ₽2015.

Game system requirements (minimum/recommended):

  • OS Windows 10;

  • processor: Intel i3 or Ryzen 3/Intel i7 or Ryzen 9;

  • amount of RAM: 16 GB/32 GB;

  • disk space: 50 GB;

  • video card: Nvidia GTX 980 (1060)/Nvidia RTX 3080;

  • DirectX 12.

The game “Trouble” is based on the novel “Yuriy Miloslavsky, or the Russians of 1612”. In the game, Prince Miloslavsky takes part in the battle for Moscow and other important events, contributes to the end of the Troubles and the unification of Muscovite Rus. And to play the character in different situations, the player can use several roles or images. They affect the characteristics of the character and how the surrounding NPCs treat him. With the help of the image system, it will be possible to overcome the task in different ways.

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