VK Play Live launched a cross-posting video with “Zen”

VK Play Live launched a cross-posting video with “Zen”

Platforms VK Play Live and “Zen” announced the launch of a new function – video cross-posting. Now content creators can automatically duplicate stream entries in the blog service.

To activate the option, you need to go to the “Zen Studio” settings, and then link your VK Play account in the appropriate section. At the same time, there are some restrictions: the video size is up to 70 GB, and the broadcast time is up to eight hours. Cross-posting will allow authors to create content and then seamlessly post it to Zen without post-production.

“After the launch of the new functionality, streamers will be able to spend much less time and effort to share recordings of live broadcasts on the Zen platform and gain an additional audience. Before developing this project, we conducted a focus group with 40 streamers of the VK Play Live platform, who also blog on Zen. Bloggers unanimously declared that such an improvement would be useful for them,” said Maria Vorobyova, director of the VK community work department.

You can comment and like the posts in “Dzena”, as well as share them with other people. This will increase not only the number of viewers, but also audience engagement, the company believes.

In September 2023, a new feature appeared on VK Play Live, which allows you to watch broadcasts on TVs. In March 2024, the platform received an update for Android and Android TV with new options.

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