VK acts as a partner of contests and conferences devoted to Teacher’s Day

VK acts as a partner of contests and conferences devoted to Teacher’s Day

VK launches several projects dedicated to Teacher’s Day. VK educational space at the Class Leaders’ Forum, the “Invaluable Lesson” project from “Classmates”, etc. The company will name the winners in its digital nomination within the contests “Teacher of the Year of Russia” and “Director of the Year of Russia”, the press service of VK told Habra’s information service.

For Teacher’s Day, “Sferum” has prepared a thematic set of stickers in its educational profile in “VK Messenger”. All education workers will receive a free sticker pack “Teacher’s assistants” to chat with colleagues, students and their parents. As part of the “Invaluable Lesson” project, thousands of users in the mini-application of the “Classmates” social network of the same name said “thank you” to teachers and mentors, wrote thanks and told their school stories, and on October 5, 2023 (Teacher’s Day), these greetings will be published in mini application.

The second year of the Thank You Teacher project is being supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia. “VK Clips” posted a series of short videos where the characters tell stories and remember when the knowledge they acquired at school came in handy in their adult life. The selection can be found by hashtag #СпасибоУчителю.

VK also supports the All-Russian contests “Teacher of the Year of Russia” and “Director of the Year of Russia”. The company awards teachers in a special nomination for mastery in the use of modern information and communication technologies at school. In 2023, Evgeniya Volodymyrivna Konstantinova, a teacher of Russian language and literature at the Krasnodar Gymnasium No. 25, became a digital teacher in the VK nomination. The Digital Director of the Year in the VK nomination was announced on October 4 as part of the closing and awarding ceremony of the Russian Director of the Year competition.

In 2023, there will be gifts in the form of equipment (including a smart VK Capsule column from Marusei) and NFT diplomas from the VKontakte social network. The diploma will be a digital confirmation of the victory in the competition and will give access to the advanced training course from “Sferum”.

VK acts as a strategic partner of the third All-Russian Forum of class teachers, which takes place from October 3 to 7. In the VK space, guests of the forum will be able to get acquainted with technologies and services for the field of education. The central place at the VK stand will be occupied by the “Sferum” educational profile zone in “VK Messenger” with an interactive chat, a photo zone, and a program for face-to-face and remote participants. Visitors to the forum will be able to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of Marusi’s voice assistant from VK and the largest online platform for schoolchildren “Uchi.ru”. Experts from “Sferum”, “Uchi.ru”, voice assistant Marusi, “Poshta” and “Clouds Mail.ru” will give lectures and master classes.

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