VisionOS beta 1.1 provides management of Vision Pro corporate headsets

VisionOS beta 1.1 provides management of Vision Pro corporate headsets

The first beta version of visionOS for Apple’s Vision Pro headsets includes support for device management, as well as Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace.

Additionally, it includes a fix that allows headset users to zoom in on objects in 3D. Previously, when a person got close enough to an object or program window, it would disappear and you could walk through it. The release notes for the visionOS beta 1.1 update say that users “will be able to move 3D scenes much closer than before, allowing for easier direct interaction” with objects in them.

Apple’s senior director of product marketing, Jeremy Butcher, said the company sees the enterprise space as a large potential market. He notes that Apple gives IT professionals the tools they expect to find on any company device, such as sign-in, identity management and security. “That’s why we’re bringing it to Vision Pro as well. So it’s MDM (mobile device management), supporting things like managed Apple IDs,” Butcher said.

Microsoft previously said that the entire suite of Microsoft 365 applications will be available on Apple Vision Pro, including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Loop. In addition, the company will release the Copilot assistant for visionOS.

Meanwhile, OpenAI has released the ChatGPT app for visionOS. The latest version of GPT-4 Turbo will be available to users.

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