User forced DPD chatbot to berate the company and call it “the worst delivery company”

User forced DPD chatbot to berate the company and call it “the worst delivery company”

Logistics company DPD has disabled its chatbot in the UK after a disgruntled customer forced the AI ​​to write a scathing poem about the company’s poor service.

A DPD customer named Ashley Beauchamp discovered that the company had lost his package. Boshan spent a long time talking to the company’s chatbot, trying to get information about the package or contact the support service, but to no avail. As a result, the angry customer first asked the bot to generate a joke about the quality of his work, and soon “with minimal prompts” he had the chatbot write a poem about DPD’s work.

“Once upon a time there was a DPD chatbot, completely useless at providing assistance,” the chatbot initially wrote. A few more prompts and the robot composed a haiku about how bad DPD is, followed by another poem along the lines of “DPD was a waste of time and a customer’s worst nightmare. Somehow DPD finally closed and everyone was happy.”

DPD told Sky News that the company’s chatbot had experienced an error following a system update and was now disabled.

We can confirm that this message is from a customer service chatbot. After updating the system yesterday, an error occurred. The II service was immediately disabled and is currently being updated.”

Beauchamp himself said in a comment for SkyNews that all this is very funny, but chatbots with artificial intelligence should work to improve life, not just waste time.

“It is assumed that chatbots will improve our lives, but often when the service is poorly implemented, they lead to even greater disappointment for the user,” he noted and added that DPD representatives did not contact him, but information about where is his parcel, still not there.

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