Useful VScode extensions for working with documentation

Useful VScode extensions for working with documentation

As a rule, working with documentation is the last stage of any project related to data (data science, data visualization, etc.), software design and development. It is about creating and editing libraries, README files, training materials, etc. Among all the advantages of VScode is its unique ecosystem of extensions. And those that help work with documentation are especially impressive. In this article I will share the most useful of them.


Quarto – a cool thing for working with documentation under R, Python, Julia and Observable. The extension allows you to create and edit various types of documents in HTML, PDF, MS Word, ePub formats. These can be articles, presentations, dashboards, sites, blogs, books, etc.

Quarto extension for VScode will help you edit and render QMD files easily. It has a preview mode that allows you to modify the document code and view the result at the same time.


Jupyter is one of the most popular note-taking frameworks, especially in Python. Most of all, I enjoy using Jupyter to design in Python and as supporting documentation for its tutorials. Jupyter displays Python code markup and formatting beautifully, plus it’s supported by GitHub. And more recently, I started using Jupyter with the Quarto documentation for Python.

Expansion VScode Jupyter integrates Jupyter notes into the VScode editor and supports ipynb files.

Markdown All in One

Partly thanks to Markdown All in One extension most of the tutorials I’ve written are in the form of README files. With this extension, it is convenient to edit documentation in Markdown format. It has two windows side by side: the code editor and the immediate result. Integration

I like to use diagrams and charts to explain some concepts in my teaching materials. The main tool I use for this is It is an open source charting tool. I make complex diagrams in the desktop version of the tool, and then refine them in VScode using the extension Integration.


Although I don’t use it Mermaidbut I find this tool very useful if you need to create a codebase structure or dynamic diagram. VScode has two extensions for working with Mermaid files Mermaid Preview and Markdown Preview Mermaid Support.

Edit the Mermaid chart in a Markdown file using the Markdown Preview Mermaid Support extension (source)

Of course, there are tons of other useful VScode extensions out there. Share them in the comments.

Happy documentation!

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