unexpected finds from the Spanish flea market

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The author of the post talks about their trip to a Spanish flea market where they came across various interesting items. They saw wireless speaker bulbs, a Nokia device that looks like a headset but is too big to wear, game consoles, motherboards from laptops, a charger for 18650 cells, golf balls and bicycle pedals, broken electric scooters and spare parts, agricultural tools and a Romanian food outlet. The market also had an unusual leather-covered chandelier, cufflinks, ties, gift boxes, comics, keyboards, cameras, swords, military uniform, and blacksmith’s furs. They also found a metal detector and a walkie-talkie in their original packaging.

unexpected finds from the Spanish flea market

Hello, Habre! A little late, but I’m still talking about my Sunday trip to my Spanish flea market, where I periodically come across very interesting things – both cute and not so cute. Sometimes not even at all. This time there were very interesting devices, musical instruments and something else, yes. At the end of the post, as usual, I leave photos of devices whose purpose has left me in a dead end. Let me remind you that I am not looking for them in Google, I was not banned there. I just want to try to guess without the help of a search engine. Well, let’s go!

On the very first tray, I met such a device, model SCOTT LSX10. I immediately thought that these are wireless columns that can be requested directly from the base of the light bulb. But then I looked at the description of the model and realized that these are bulbs with the function of wireless speakers. A cool thing for both home and office. Not cheap devices – the price is about 90 euros per piece. The seller offered to buy both for 20 euros. But I did not buy – after all, it was unclear whether they were workers or not. I didn’t quite understand where I would use them. The next time, if they meet, I will try to reduce the price to 10, haggling with the seller.

Then this headset from Nokia happened. To be honest, I doubt it’s the headset itself, as the device is too big to be worn on the face, shoulder or any other part of the body. Maybe it’s something like a microphone that was on a table or something like that. In general, the artifact is funny. If anything, it can be used as a high-tech stick—for self-defense, of course.

And here’s a PS One with a gun and a controller. The seller asked for something too much for a flea market – 40 euros at once, despite the fact that it is not clear whether the worker is a specimen or not. So I didn’t start buying and I already have a PS One. And, by the way, it’s a good thing that I didn’t buy it – later I bought a pistol, of a slightly different design, for only 5 euros. I have not yet checked whether he is a worker or not.

Here is a whole field of any game devices, there is a console, controllers for it and not only that.

If we are already talking about game consoles, we also met Nintendo Wii – a complete set. I didn’t even ask how much it costs, because in one of the past visits I bought 3 consoles of this model for 15 euros. All turned out to be workers, only in one case did not read discs. It’s a pity, of course, that working and more or less modern equipment is thrown away/handed over to punto limpio (a collection center for household appliances and electronics for recycling).

And a couple more consoles – PS2 and PS3. I bought a PS2 Slim – and for only 5 euros. I already bought several of these, all of them turned out to be workers. The only defect, the reason they went to the dump is a typical fault of this model, a broken off port for the charger. There is not particularly reliable soldering, the contacts begin to move away over time, and the console either works unstable or stops turning on altogether. It is done in 10 minutes – you need to remove the case and solder the connector. That’s it, the repair is finished, and the console can be reliable for another 10 years.

A little further on, a whole mountain of motherboards from laptops came across. As far as I understand, these devices are somewhere in the early 2010s, since there is a VGA port, and the processors are not soldered on the board, but removable. I had a laptop with such a Sony Vaio processor, from 2014. It’s a pity, I didn’t have a screwdriver with me, maybe I should have looked at the processors. But there was hardly anything of value there. There were others lying next to the laptop boards – probably from the TV or some specialized equipment.

A little further away I found a charger for 18650 cells. I don’t really need one, but in general the thing is needed in the household. Probably if the charger had multiple battery slots I would still buy it.

One of the sellers had such a chic ship on display. I understand that this is a prefab model that someone put together in the long evenings. And this ship made someone happy. Well, then it was simply thrown away like unnecessary junk. Well, was it stored in the garage, forgotten and not needed by anyone, so that later scrap collectors took it along with other junk.

Some products frankly surprise me. Here, for example, golf balls. We have a lot of golf courses here, and of course not all balls are found. Some fly far away, where they are found. But who needs old balls – I don’t know, they are unlikely to be bought.

A whole box of bicycle pedals. How valuable they are to cyclists is beyond me, I’m not a fan of the sport. But the pedals are new, just in the box, like from the warehouse. By the way, there are many cyclists in this region, and most ride on public roads. And since the area is hilly, even mountainous, there are many narrow roads, especially the serpentine. You drive on such a road – and in front of you is a group of cyclists rolling at a maximum speed of 10 km/h (you won’t go uphill quickly). Well, you follow them for 10-15 minutes, until you find a way to overtake, in a place where the road widens after all.

Broken (probably) electric scooters and spare parts for them. There are many scooters, probably all this was thrown away by some center from their repair.

Later, agricultural equipment (well, not equipment, but tools) happened. Who knows what these things are for?

In one of the descriptions of the flea market trip, I talked about the fact that this flea market has a lot of food outlets. They look quite decent, an example of one of them. This is a Romanian point (there are also Colombian, French, German, Bulgarian and Spanish). Romanians sell very tasty sweet rolls and pies with cheese.

A little further on, we met an unusual chandelier – all sheathed in black leather. Looks very cool, huh. In addition to it, you can buy new cufflinks, ties, gift boxes and so on.

Comics are a whole box of them. Perhaps someone will tell – is this series valuable, or is it just a waste of paper and printing ink?

There weren’t as many keyboards this time as usual. But still they met, and some of them attracted the attention of random passers-by. Here is an example.

Cameras are foreign. There are definitely a lot of photographers in Habra – tell me, among all this variety, there are lenses, cameras and other equipment that are of value to collectors-photographers or not?

A few real rarities. Some of them were already in the camera lens of my phone, others met for the first time. This is the phone, I definitely see it here for the first time.

And half cuirasses have already happened to me. This group includes antiques and replenishment – several swords. However, it is not entirely clear how old/historically valuable they are.

It seems to me that several newcomers are so sure.

And here is an almost modern military uniform. Spanish?

Then another artifact of past eras is blacksmith’s fur. Previously, they were included in my reviews of flea markets, but this time I managed to get closer to them and take pictures from different angles.

The furs are simply huge – as tall as the average Spaniard (about 170 cm).

An unexpected find – a metal detector! As far as I understand, this is probably not an antique model, but I still wonder if he is a workman. The seller asked for about 50 euros.

WalkieTalkie – in original packaging. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this is a new device. I did not notice any signs of wear on the device. The seller asked for 20 euros.

A little further on, they sold a whole box of coins. In one of the past posts, there was a similar one, but the coins were in a disgusting state – oxidized, many deformed, etc. It was assumed that the coins were taken from the fountain where tourists throw them. Well, it’s in very good condition. The collection is clearly old, as there are still pesetas, the Spanish currency of the shaggy years.

If there are numismatists, please tell me if there is anything here that deserves attention or not.

A few vinyl players for your tape. Most likely, both workers are in good condition.

And here is the vinyl, the same Maquina Total from the title. To be honest, I immediately thought that it was a collection of music from “Terminator”, but then I searched on the Internet, and in the Spanish Wiki I found out that the record is a collection of techno, rave and something else. 90s, this record is now sold at a price from 5 to 90 euros. A very large spread in prices probably plays a role in security. Well, or those who sell more expensively, “the money is very necessary”, as in the anecdote.

what i bought

Bought a Nintendo DS with a Nintendo DS Light and 12 games to go with them, including some pretty rare ones. Bought it all including games and original charger for 35 euros. The older model turned out to be fully operational. The younger one is also fine, but the cable is a little damaged somewhere, as the upper screen begins to “stripe” in some positions, that is, the image is displayed in stripes. But it’s easy to fix — it just takes a little time to disassemble.

Then I bought a PS 2 Slim, which I mentioned above.

Bought a couple of Sega Mega Drive controllers and a PS One gun. The collection of game consoles and accessories for them is updated regularly. Well, that’s all, I didn’t buy much this time, I watched more.

What is this thing?

The already traditional section with gadgets, the purpose of which remains unclear to me. There are not gadgets, but just all kinds of different devices, sometimes very strange.

Piece #1

Here, for example, is some unusual medical device. What does he do and what does he treat or diagnose?

Piece #2

Something like a harp without a soundboard or a miniature harp. And with notes and a string selection pattern. I haven’t seen this anywhere before, have you?

Piece #3

Whether it’s a medical device or something else, I’m completely lost in speculation.

Piece #4

This device was in a pile of game controllers for PS1, PS2. The seller said that it is intended for the first “sonya”, but how to connect it, if it is really so, I do not understand. And what it does is a mystery.

Piece #5

Is it a device for measuring the outer diameter of pipes?

Piece #6

I understand that these are snowshoes. But I could be wrong – because they sell them in a region where it snows once a decade, and if you’re lucky. Maybe some traveler brought it, I don’t know. But maybe these are not snowshoes?

Piece #7

The last gadget today, the purpose of which is a mystery to me. I have no idea what it is and why.

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Well, that’s it, see you soon!

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