Uncover the Hidden Features of Windows 10 with These Proven Hacks

Discover hidden features of Windows 10 with proven hacks to enhance productivity. Create virtual desktops for multitasking, use the snipping tool for screenshots, and customize the taskbar and Start menu. Easily undo changes and proceed with caution to avoid any potential risks.

Uncover the Hidden Features of Windows 10 with These Proven Hacks

Uncover the Hidden Features of Windows 10 with These Proven Hacks

Windows 10 is loaded with a plethora of features that can make your computing experience smoother and more productive. However, there are still several hidden gems that many users may not know about. Here are some proven hacks to help you uncover the hidden features of Windows 10 and take full advantage of what this operating system has to offer.

One hidden feature of Windows 10 is the ability to create virtual desktops. This feature allows you to have multiple desktops for different tasks, making it easier to organize your work and switch between different projects without cluttering your screen. To create a new virtual desktop, simply press Windows key + Ctrl + D. You can then switch between your virtual desktops by pressing Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow. This can be especially useful for multitasking and boosting your productivity.

Moreover, Windows 10 comes with a built-in snipping tool that makes it easy to capture and annotate screenshots. To access this feature, simply type “snipping tool” in the search bar and it will appear in the search results. Once opened, you can choose the type of snip you want (free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen) and then annotate the screenshot with a variety of tools. This can be a great way to provide feedback on documents or share information with colleagues. These are just a few of the many hidden features of Windows 10 that can help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Another hidden feature of Windows 10 is the ability to customize the taskbar. You can easily add or remove icons, change the position of the taskbar, or even make it transparent. To customize the taskbar, simply right-click on it and select “Taskbar settings.” From there, you can personalize the taskbar to suit your preferences and make it work better for you. Additionally, Windows 10 also allows you to resize and organize live tiles in the Start menu. By right-clicking on a live tile, you can resize it, unpin it from the Start menu, or even turn off live updates. This can help you create a more organized and personalized Start menu that fits your needs.


Q: Can I undo changes made with these Windows 10 hacks?
A: Yes, most changes made using the hacks mentioned can be easily undone by following the same steps in reverse.

Q: Are there any risks in using these Windows 10 hacks?
A: When used properly, these hacks should not pose any risks to your system. However, it’s always a good idea to proceed with caution and ensure you have a backup of your important data.

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