Ukrainian cyber army hacked Russian software for drones

Ukrainian cyber army hacked Russian software for drones

Cyber ​​specialists of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine with the participation of the IT ARMY disabled the Russian drone control program. The Russians are installing this software to flash DJI brand drones for the needs of combat operations, the GUR reported.

Among other things, the software allows enemy drone operators to:

● configure control panels and create new ones;

● capture video and transfer the picture to the command post;

● control the drone from the computer (not through the remote control).

The servers attacked by Ukrainian hackers were responsible for the operation of the “own-foreign” system. After the attack, all software began to be recognized as “foreign” and denied access to the Russians. Without access to the servers, and therefore to the system, controlling drones from remotes is probably impossible.

The enemy tried in every way to solve the problem, including by switching to manual control mode.

IT ARMY also notes that the attack will cause delays in the commissioning of DJI’s new drones, which are very common on the frontline.

“It could also affect the effectiveness of already reflashed remotes, so the effect was what it should be. It will take time for an adversary to manually switch everyone to fallback software update channels. Let’s see how quickly they can do it, and how quickly we’ll find out from which server they’re doing it.”– says the message of IT ARMY.

At the end of last year, the IT Army of Ukraine released the official IT ARMY Kit application with tools for DDoS attacks on Russian resources.

Earlier, ProIT reported that three Ukrainian state-owned companies immediately reported technical failures.

We will remind, at the end of 2023, Kyivstar, the largest mobile operator of Ukraine, suffered a large-scale hacker attack. The cyber attack destroyed approximately 40% of the company’s infrastructure. Damages were estimated at 3.6 billion hryvnias.

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