Two TP-Link smart home brands finally use one program

Two TP-Link smart home brands finally use one program

TP-Link has combined the management of Tapo and Kasa smart home devices in one application. The company has been producing smart gadgets since 2015.

Under two brands, TP-Link produces smart sockets, switches, lights, cameras and other devices. Many of these gadgets look and function almost the same, but control them requires the use of separate programs, which frustrates some users.

With the Tapo 3.0 update, TP-Link now allows users to port their Kasa devices to the Tapo app. The company emphasizes that some gadgets cannot be transferred, but all Kasa devices sold in the US are compatible with the Tapo app. The transfer works only in one direction – you cannot add Tapo gadgets to Kasa.

TP-Link has introduced a guide to porting devices. Kasa subscriptions, including Kasa Care for cloud camera storage, will remain active only within the Kasa app, which will continue to operate separately.

The Tapo app will now become a single platform for managing Kasa and Tapo, which uses a comprehensive ecosystem that covers more categories than Kasa alone and eliminates the need to switch between separate distributions, Elin Zhao said. According to her, Kasa and Tapo will remain separate brands.

Both brands’ products use Wi-Fi, but Tapo’s devices, including sensors, lights and cameras, operate at 992 MHz, which avoids crowding the 2.4 GHz band. This requires a separate hub.

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