Two solar bicycle paths were installed in the Netherlands / Habr

Two solar bicycle paths were installed in the Netherlands / Habr

Dutch companies Colas Group Wattway and BAM Royal Group have installed two solar bike paths in the provinces of North Brabant and North Holland. Each of these tracks has a total surface area of ​​about 1,000 m², Electrek writes.

The companies say the tracks produce 148 W of energy per m², with the province hoping to generate 160 MWh in the first year of use. In the future, the performance of the tracks will decrease, but it is planned that the facilities will be maintained for five years.

Wattway says the solar bike lanes installed in the Netherlands are made from a new type of solid solar panels that are a few millimeters thick. They are glued to the existing pavement for the bike path.

The solar cells themselves are covered with a multi-layered substrate of resins and polymers that are transparent enough to let sunlight through, yet strong enough to withstand the traffic of cyclists. Installations are significantly different from ordinary solar panels – their surface is processed in such a way as to provide the necessary adhesion to the road.

Electrek points out that in the Netherlands, such installations can actually be useful. In this European country, the total length of bicycle paths is more than 35 thousand kilometers, so if the project is successful, it is possible to generate a significant amount of solar energy on the Dutch paths.

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