Two Russian associations of video game developers have prepared proposals for the development of the industry

Two Russian associations of video game developers have prepared proposals for the development of the industry

“A plan of measures for the development of the high-tech direction “Video game industry”” was prepared by the Association of Game Operation and Development Professionals (Apriori, which includes VK, Astrum, Innova, etc.). According to two sources in the market, the document was sent for approval to the Ministry of Digital, as well as a number of companies, in December.

“We have developed a draft version of the “road map”, now it is at the stage of discussion with major players of the Russian market. The document was also sent to the Ministry of Statistics for consultation with the Ministry’s experts,” confirmed the head of PRIORI Oleksandr Mikheev.

Part of the initiatives in the document is devoted to personnel provision of industry. A priori suggests forming a rating of existing educational programs in the field of game development, developing curricula in the areas of “game design”, “game graphics”, “game development”, etc. creation of a platform for placing orders for the development of projects for export, etc.

The Organization for the Development of the Video Game Industry (RVI) said that it has prepared its own package of proposals for the development of the industry, which will be sent to the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Ministry of Economy by the end of the year. The document lists mainly economic support measures. Among them are preferential lending to large studios, the creation of a specialized venture fund and mechanisms for the promotion of domestic video games in Russian social networks.

The authors of both concepts agree on one issue – the lack of research, both on the current state of the industry and its future, and on the impact of video games on users.

In particular, a priori it is proposed to conduct annual research on the topic “the influence of video games on children and adults”. RVI also considers it necessary to conduct an annual analysis of the state of the Russian video game market, foreign regulatory practices and prospective markets.

Currently, there are practically no studies in Russia about the impact of video games on the audience, because of this the industry “cannot protect itself from attacks in the public field”, the interlocutor of “Ъ” explains a priori: “Conventionally speaking, after any tragedy with a shooting in an educational institution, we we see public accusations that video games are to blame for the situation, this negatively affects the image of the industry. The lack of reliable scientific data does not allow us to build a counterargument.”

Lack of economic data on the state of the industry (indicators of market volume and segmentation, ARPU, the size of the paid audience for games, etc.), adds the source of “Ъ”, hinders the attraction of investments.

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