Twitch banned adult content two days after allowing it

Twitch banned adult content two days after allowing it

Days after Twitch updated its policy to allow certain types of sexual content, the platform has withdrawn its “artistic nudity” clause.

“As of today, we are rolling back the changes regarding artistic nudity. In the future, depictions of real or fictional nudity will not be allowed on Twitch,” the update reads.

Mature rated games will not be affected by the change and will be subject to the new policy.

Twitch said it was rescinding the part of the policy that allowed “artistic nudity” because it “caused community concern.” “We share these concerns. After some thought, we decided that we had gone too far with this change. Digital images of nudity present a unique challenge: artificial intelligence can be used to create realistic images, and distinguishing digital art from photography can be difficult,” the platform explained.

Previously, Twitch allowed artists to draw nude characters and streamers to perform explicit dances, as long as the channel was labeled accordingly. At the same time, the platform did not remove the ban on games of a sexual nature, the demonstration of sexual violence or pornography.

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