“Truconf” presented a new technology “Distributed conferences”

“Truconf” presented a new technology “Distributed conferences”

The company “Truconf” presented the technology “Distributed conferences”. This technology allows you to significantly reduce the load on network channels and server CPUs in the infrastructure of organizations, as well as increase the number of active participants in each online meeting to two. “Distributed conferences” will be available to users of the TrueConf Enterprise 1.6 corporate platform. The technology was presented as part of the “Demoden Truconf” conference held in Moscow. Habra Information Service is present at the conference.

The new technology makes it possible to distribute the load between all involved VKS servers: when entering the conference, subscribers are automatically connected to those systems on which they are authorized, and media data exchange takes place only between VKS systems. According to the developers, the announced scheme allows to reduce the requirements for network bandwidth and the load on the central processor within the framework of each held conference. As a result, the load on communication channels between company branches is reduced by 10 times. For example, without the use of technology, with the simultaneous participation of 2.5 thousand employees in parallel conferences, the load on the network channels would be about 2 Gbps, and with “Distributed conferences” – about 250 Mbps would be needed.

As Truconf employees told the Habra information service at the conference, the new technology will allow companies in Russia and abroad to allocate freed resources to increase the capacity of corporate VKS platforms and the number of parallel video conferences, as well as to use other IT systems and corporate solutions. The technology itself is built on the basis of an autonomous transport communication protocol developed by the Truconf company, and the amount of investment in the creation of the technology was 100 million dollars.

According to Truconf data, more than 10 million group video conferences are held every month on the company’s autonomous VKS systems in Russia alone. According to the company’s assessment, the Russian VKS market may grow by 40-50% by the end of 2023.

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