Tropico 2 – the pirate paradise of the beginning of zero on modern systems

Tropico 2 – the pirate paradise of the beginning of zero on modern systems

Recently, an article was published about the first part of Tropico, which occupies a special place in my gaming memories of the 2000s. The project for its time was distinguished by an interesting gameplay, a light and relaxed atmosphere and an unusual setting, thanks to which you could become El Presidente and rule a small state in the Caribbean. But the developers decided not to stop there, and the second part of the series, released two years later (2003), continued to surprise us with an unusual entourage. Now you are invited to become the head of the pirate island and indulge the desires of your corsairs, building taverns and industries to turn the emaciated smuggler’s cove into a real pirate oasis! Such a Tortuga in the period of its greatest influence!

Today, a short story awaits you about the game, which has become for many one of the most beloved in the series due to the well-presented atmosphere of pirate romance and unusual gameplay mechanics of this economic tycoon. And as a bonus, I posted an archive with the installer of the official reissue of 2006 and Russifier, as well as a fully installed and ready-to-run assembly – download and play! Tropico 1 together with a separate Russifier is included =)

Tropico 2, like the first part, is an economic city-building strategy where, as the leader of the pirate community, you will satisfy all the wishes and needs of the community of smugglers and filibusters.

A number of pre-designed scenarios have been prepared for you, but at the same time they have given you the opportunity to start the game on random maps created at your request. In addition, there is a campaign in which, as is usually the case in games of a similar genre, you are told about the basic mechanics, teaching how to play, gradually increasing the difficulty with each new challenge. Unlike the first part, this mode was not just a set of unrelated missions, but became a full-fledged adventure with its own story. According to the plot, you are a successful swindler, sent to penal servitude because of the betrayal of his mistress. After a successful escape, a new life begins in which the hero tries to rebuild his quiet (as much as possible) pirate haven.

By choosing to play on a random map, you can enjoy the process without straining, simply by building and developing the economy of the settlement, controlling the needs of your pirates and their captives. By the way, the presence of prisoners, which you can get after successful sea raids or the capture of a ship, survivors of a shipwreck, is quite an interesting innovation, since the player from the dictator of a small Latin American state actually turns into a slave owner of the 17th century! Your sea wolves that roam the endless expanses of the Caribbean basin will never agree to hump in mines, cut down forests or “stand by the stove”, which means that you will have to use slave labor. Yes, that was the time! And your task, as the chief manager, is to make sure that the shackled prisoner does not even have the thought of raising an uprising and throwing off the shackles! To do this, you need to conduct punitive actions, hire guards, and also build various buildings to intimidate convicts, starting with a banal gallows (familiar to everyone from movies or books) and ending with prisons and torture!

By the way, speaking of punitive actions, it is worth mentioning that by analogy with the first part of the series in Tropico 2, the adoption of various decrees can have a strong impact on the life of the island. With their help, it is possible to regulate both international relations (for example, by promising one of the colonial powers not to touch their ships), and domestic ones, allowing to encourage or, on the contrary, to intimidate pirates and captives.

Before you start hunting for piastres and rebuilding the perfect settlement, I suggest choosing a suitable image that will not only inspire fear and respect in the hearts of those around you, but also bring aesthetic pleasure to you as a player. At your disposal is a large number of pirate personalities, each of which has a unique appearance, as well as characteristics that can help in the development of the settlement.

Despite the stereotypical image of a pirate formed in our minds – a typical bandit with rotten teeth, a wooden leg and an eye patch – all this is nothing more than fiction. Most pirates, especially if they were successful in their “profession”, were quite wealthy people who were no strangers to anything human. Therefore, if ordinary sailors were satisfied with soup in a local pub and a bottle of cheap rum, then their colleagues, who had already reached certain heights and acquired a ringing coin, liked to amuse themselves with something exquisite and unusual. From this it can be concluded that a trip to a cheap tavern or port brothel is not something they want to do after returning from a long voyage with a good booty. This is what you should remember when playing Tropico 2 and building entertainment facilities. Your task is to satisfy the needs of everyone: from a simple captive to a pirate with world fame!

By the way, they will gain this fame by being exclusively buccaneers. It is on how successful this will be that the wealth of the island depends, so it is in your best interest to provide them with everything they need: from a faithful blade and a powerful cannon to a cigar in your teeth and a bottle of rum, so that gold flows like a river to your humble abode, and in taverns always rehearsed songs drunk but happy sailors! Therefore, it is good to create a full-fledged and self-sufficient industry on your pirate island, because for various entertainment facilities you need products (which it is desirable to grow), for successful raids – swords, which require metals, and the ships themselves do not appear out of thin air! Do not forget about the construction of churches and pharmacies to maintain the moral and physical health of each resident.

In addition, I strongly advise you to engage (you will not believe) training pirates: build artillery and naval academies, schools of navigation, fencing and shooting, because a good pirate is a highly educated pirate! That’s how I see how a drunken sleepy sailor who can’t speak without mistakes, let alone read, will go to advanced training courses instead of going to the casino and, having tested his success, drain all the loot.

It’s worth mentioning that Tropico 2 is attentive even to the smallest details, so you don’t have to forget where you are! You are building a paradise for a filibuster! Consider that total order and control is not something that is valued among these citizens! On the contrary, some amount of anarchy will only lift their spirits. Therefore, my advice to you: in places where pirates gather (such as ports, taverns and casinos) you should not sow control and force them to submit – they will not understand, but near various mines and workshops it would not be bad to build gallows and place creepy skeletons, and nearby – the torture chamber, so that the screams coming from its walls will inspire awe and fear to all the convicts of your island!

But if this is not enough for you, you can pass various decrees with the aim of encouraging free (and not so) people or intimidating them to keep their mouths shut! Trust me, nothing cheers up a sea wolf like an island party, free booze, or prize money paid out by a particularly successful ship’s crew. But sometimes it’s still worth introducing a curfew or start cheating in the casino (if your corner of paradise needs money). The possibilities are indeed many: the disagreeable can be killed, and the order on the island can be restored by forcing the pirates to patrol the streets (but considering how much they “love” this order, you have to understand that almost any decree has both good and bad sides) .

Gradually, you will discover new regions and find different trade routes of colonial nations, which you will need to loot

I could talk a lot more about the various game mechanics: about piracy, about rich prisoners (actually living in debt, thereby increasing the price of their ransom), about the reconstruction of the island, and about various interesting points, such as the addition of cats to the game, which were not there in the first part (I think you understand how important they were to a pirate at sea – that’s it, the attention to detail I already mentioned) – but I’d rather leave it all for you to study on your own. I am sure you will be surprised, and you will happily spend more than one evening playing the game!

In the Telegram channel “Old-fashioned Gamer” I posted both a completely installed and ready-to-play assembly, as well as a separate installer together with a Russifier. I added the first part as a bonus, and even its localization. Be sure to read the instructions in which I explained how to install Tropico and how to remove the black frames around the edges. Enjoy the game!

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