Travel, don’t deny yourself anything / Habre

Travel, don’t deny yourself anything / Habre

In this post, Oksana, SM Lab’s senior customer service specialist, will share one of her work practices to combat burnout. Namely, I take advantage of small trips for a couple of days, which significantly help to clear my head and not burn out. Under the executioner – about this (and many more photos of Peter).

“Choose a job you like, and you won’t have to work a day in your life,” Confucius advises us.

Is it just me that this approach seems like a utopia in modern realities? Even if the work responds to your character and mindset, to achieve the result you need to learn a lot, bravely overcome difficulties, make responsible decisions, cope with stress and sometimes experience burnout.

If you spend your whole life looking for a dream job, rejecting options that are uncomfortable, you may not find it. But if you take care of the prevention of burnout and spend your free time with benefit, you can find that life is a wonderful thing, and all difficulties are in your teeth.

Today I want to talk about my hobby, which combined my love for creativity, the opportunity to change the environment, physical activity, new acquaintances and prevention of burnout.

So, I love weekend trips.

These are mini-trips in Russia lasting from a few days to a week, where I most often go with bus tours. So I have already visited Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Krasnodar, Vyborg, Veliky Novgorod, Lipetsk, Voronezh and Kaluga regions.

During my September vacation, I packed my backpack, put on my most comfortable sneakers, and set out to explore St. Petersburg again for two days. I love this city, you can walk here for months and notice new details. Monumental architectural monuments, ironic street art, the best views from the roofs, atmospheric bars and walks on the water – everyone will find something for themselves here. And I will take you with me!

At 10 in the morning, we were already admiring the Savior on the Blood and had breakfast with a view of the Kazan Cathedral.

An hour later, I was walking in the center and by chance came across the same courtyards-wells, which are full of souvenir products of this city.

And on the way to the excursion to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, I stopped at the time cafe “Freedom” with a chic front room. In what other city will you visit a time cafe in a former palace?

Isaac is not just a cathedral, but a legend. You need to visit here at least once in your life to appreciate the scale of the picturesque ceilings created by great artists, to admire natural stone columns, mosaic murals, sliding doors and huge light chandeliers.

For connoisseurs of informal sights, I recommend a visit to the “Floors” loft project. On the territory of the former bakery, you will find several food courts (with cool street art in the courtyard and an open veranda on the third floor), shops with handmade trinkets, unusual souvenirs and clothes from local indie brands. But most importantly, there is an observation deck with a bar and probably one of the best views of the center of Peter.

But what can I say, even the metro here is not like everyone else’s. Mayakovsky’s first station on my way looked like portals for a magical transfer. You stand in such a place, and only by the sounds you guess about the approaching train. And no, it seems to have come in the opposite direction.

Lovers of bar recreation in St. Petersburg will also like it. As many as two streets are dedicated to them here – Gorokhova and Rubinsteina. Another part of conceptual bars “for the initiated” can be found scattered throughout the center.

I decided not to stop at one place and went around several bars at once. I was so absorbed in the atmosphere of the night city that I didn’t want to go back to the hotel at all. But it was necessary to sleep at least a little before the next busy day.

Wonderful, wonderful city! In a day, you can be so impressed that you learn to breathe and learn anew. And I had two days.

The next morning we went to walk to the Peter and Paul Fortress on Zayachi Island. It does not lend itself to monumentality and grandeur — 20-meter-high walls, gates to the embankment three human heights high, and stone-paved streets convey the atmosphere of St. Petersburg in the time of Peter I.

The interior of the Peter and Paul Cathedral surprised almost as much as the St. Isaac’s Cathedral – it is a smaller masterpiece of fine art, but the decoration is luxuriously and tastefully done.

Well, then we set off again. The end point of the trip was Peterhof. It was not the first time she went there and already established her traditions and favorite places. This time she walked there in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat – purely St. Petersburg.

A little tired of the luxurious architecture, fountains and sculptures, I spent almost the entire time on the coast. There is a lot to see here – I can admire the lighthouse in the colorful autumn leaves of the trees forever.

That’s the end of my two days in St. Petersburg. According to feelings, I managed to live a small life here and forget where I actually live and what I do. This is how the prevention of burnout works – you just need to change routes, surrounding landscapes, food and even the playlist in your headphones more often so that life does not seem boring and bland.

Let’s learn from each other to live interestingly. Share in the comments how you relax from work? What fills your resource? Where do you get your inspiration?

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