Tor Browser 13.0 is out

Tor Browser 13.0 is out

Release of Tor Browser 13.0 has been published. This is the first stable release based on Firefox ESR 115. In addition, it has received visual improvements to the interface and supports the redesigned accessibility engine introduced by Mozilla in Firefox 113. This change promises to significantly improve performance for users who use screen readers and other assistive technologies .

Main changes:

  • setting HTTPS Only to encrypt traffic on all sites where possible;

  • NoScript addition to prevent attacks using JavaScript and block plugins by default;

  • fteproxy and obfs4proxy for anti-blocking and traffic inspection;

  • disabling or restricting APIs WebGL, WebGL2, WebAudio, Social, SpeechSynthesis, Touch, AudioContext, HTMLMediaElement, Mediastream, Canvas, SharedWorker, WebAudio, Permissions, MediaDevices.enumerateDevices and screen.orientation, as well as means of sending telemetry, Pocket, Reader Alternative-Services , MozTCPSocket to combat user tracking;

  • replacing the string-to-double conversion code, disabling the function of sharing recent links, disabling the API for saving PDF, the service and interface of auto-hiding cookie confirmation banners, the text recognition interface.

Visual changes:

A new package naming scheme has also been implemented that matches the pattern “${ARTIFACT}-${OS}-${ARCH}-${VERSION}.${EXT}”.

The release of Tor browser version 12.0 with the transition to the Firefox 102 ESR branch was released in December 2022.

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