Top competitive freelance work for 2023

Top competitive freelance work for 2023

At the end of last year, we shared with you our results and achievements. Today we want to sum up one more result and show the bright and interesting competition works of Freelancehunt designers for 2023. Note that last year the service hosted more than 300 competitions.

We selected more than 60 of the coolest works in the following categories:

Each category contains from 4 to 9 works. Below the galleries we provided a link to Competitions and budgets.

We wish you pleasant viewing!

Top 12 interesting works in different categories

1. Presentations for construction projects – budget 7000 UAH.

2. Redesign of the furniture factory catalog – budget 10,000 UAH.

3. Design of a children’s development board (busy board) – budget 9000 UAH.

4. Website design for an IT company with a wide range of services – budget 15,000 UAH.

5. Development of a calendar layout design for 2024 – budget 5000 UAH.

6. Interface design for a sales management system (CRM) – budget 18,000 UAH.

7. Logo for a website for creating resumes and motivation letters – budget 14,000 UAH.

8. Print on a wakeboard – budget 3500 UAH.

9. T-shirt design – budget 3000 UAH.

10. Design of instructions for growing butterflies – budget 2500 UAH.

11. Business card for a cleaning company – budget 3000 UAH.

12. Layouts for a burgundy campaign for a private clinic – budget 10,000 UAH.


We have chosen 9 interesting logos for you.

Competitions and budgets:

  1. Logo for a mobile application about family relationships – budget 8,000 UAH.
  2. Logo for an internet marketing agency – budget 8000 UAH.
  3. Logo for a company selling premium accessories – budget 20,000 UAH (logo + corporate identity).
  4. Logo redesign for a cafe-patisserie – budget 8,000 UAH.
  5. Logo for a tomato export company – budget 13,000 UAH.
  6. Logo for a company installing security equipment – budget 10,500 UAH.
  7. Logo for the project UKRAINE GTA 5 – budget 7500 UAH.
  8. Logo for a new winery in Ukraine – budget 10,000 UAH.
  9. Logo of a company importing dental products to Ukraine – budget 14,000 UAH.

The best competitive works in the “Corporate Identity” category

We offer 6 best corporate styles for companies.

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