TikTok is building a full-fledged search system

TikTok is building a full-fledged search system

The platform has already learned to pull extracts from Wikipedia and Google search results. In general, TikTok has long been used as an alternative search engine with a more visual output format.

Among my colleagues from the blogger workshop, I periodically come across the opinion (still!) that TikTok is a garbage dump with ridiculous views, where mentally retarded schoolgirls are slyly grimacing under a miserable musoon. In the meantime, TikTok is releasing an entire search engine of a new format.

I myself do not use Tiktok, and I have never even had it downloaded on my phone (the consumer habit did not develop, or I am just an old grandfather with a psychological age of under 80, I don’t know). But if this continues, then probably you will have to download soon.

So here it is. In September, TikTok added an excerpt from Wikipedia to its search output. Now the output format can be adjusted so that a snippet with basic information from Wikipedia about the object being searched hangs above the vertical views (apparently without a link to the article itself – probably so that the user does not leave the program).

Extracts from Wikipedia are pulled in the form of snippets on top of the main output (i.e. short extracts)

Moreover. Right now in the US they continue to screw Google in a local antitrust case (like Google inflated the auction price or something, not the point). In the course of studying the work of Google, it was noted that the results of its publication are now being spit out by Tiktok.

Tiktok perfectly understands that for Zoomers and an even younger generation (clever people on the Internet write that it is called “Alpha”) their platform is not just funny quirks, but the main source of information. In Tiktok, they are looking for video instructions and historical references, shops and cafes. But everything, in general, is sought in Tiktok.

Therefore, it is logical that the Chinese do their best so that the user has even less incentive to fall out of the application to the outside world. Why give more context. First, here, point by point – in the form of Wiki and Google snippets. Then, probably, they will expand with something else. I think that my own AI would also fit in there perfectly – then it will be possible to provide context immediately from the entire free Internet.

In general, Tiktok is top. Its products clearly see the future. This Bytedance platform has taken the world by storm, cleverly mimicking innocent discretion. And this is just the beginning. Cunning, cunning Chinese!

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