There are simply too many of you

There are simply too many of you

Recently, there have been quite a few articles about questionable content of interviews, selection processes, etc. (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, it doesn’t matter how many, for the sake of rounding you can remember one yourself. If anything, you should even read the comments, they are sometimes even more valuable there the text itself). The main complaint people have is that interviews are asking things that don’t belong in the real job, and the hiring process is extremely long.

I also have a very magical experience of encountering the selection machine. I once had a guy leave who asked, “How is Git Flow different from GitLab Flow and GitHub Flow? What does the VACUUM command do in PostgreSQL? What is a ULID? I had the following thoughts in my head at that moment: “What the hell is he talking about? Does it still exist? Is this a question from Tchaikovsky’s 8th symphony and the works of Father Pygidius?” Turns out, yes, there is, but I didn’t know about it because I didn’t have the problems that these things supposedly solve. I forwarded these questions to an acquaintance who works as a backender in a large British bank (and the company that scouted me was engaged in betting in general and wanted the candidate to have experience in fintech). He was very much embarrassed by them and said that I was inadequate and that I should kill and throw this social security out of my head.

Another case that I would like to highlight is incredibly long technical screening processes. I remember that my interaction with one company lasted a month, while I was there with them for various social security events. Most of them were screenings. Moreover, the first few screenings are just to basically show my resume to the teams where the vacancies are open. And already at the interviews with the teams there will be their own technical screening and only there they will ask me about my experience (at the same time asking questions that are already answered in the resume). And then I asked the question: how about I be immediately admitted to the team, so that I am immediately asked about my experience there, and I asked about the conditions, and if we like each other, proceed to the technical screening, just to see that didn’t i lie Why waste the breakthrough of my and your own employees’ time?

In fact, these phenomena have good reasons.

The first reason is you

“Lawyers today are like uncut dogs” – this saying has already become a proverb in tongues. From the mid-90s to the mid-00s, this specialty was extremely prestigious and was taught in many places. Lawyers were literally stamped. They went there mainly on the advice of their parents, or those who had no idea what they should do in life. Similarly with economists.

I’ll probably get a bunch of rocks for my garden now, but IT is now a field of about the same rank. A person sits, does not know what to do, does not want to go to the factory. He just sits at his computer and stares at memes. And he sees that there is a field where you have to stare at the monitor and type something, and money will be paid for it. He decides that it suits him and goes to study this specialty. Well, maybe he just doesn’t want to be the above-described lawyer and economist, because he knows that you’re going to eat them anyway. And computer science and programming seem easier to learn than biology, chemistry, physics or drawing (this is true, by the way).

Another category is people from unpopular specialties who are dissatisfied with their income and career success. And indeed, when in IT you can (was) able to make extremely good money in 5 years, in many other specialties you could only count on twice the worst result in the same time. And the number of any courses ready to help such people shows, firstly, that there is an extremely high demand for such things, and secondly, that there is nothing special about IT knowledge and you can learn it quite easily. The number of software developers from India, a country literally drowning in filth, also speaks in favor of the latter.

And the second – all your dreams

And now all the above-mentioned people enter the labor market and start responding to vacancies. And if by February 2022 the IT market could provide at least some place for the entire stream of incoming candidates, now it is not. The market collapsed, foreign companies left, especially outstaffers, ready to take Junes to sell them as middlemen. In addition, companies in a situation of long-term crisis do not want to invest in new projects, but they reduce staff on old ones and transfer tasks to other employees, who are then sewn up from the load. And now there are simply tons of reviews for vacancies at HRs, which they need to filter somehow easily, quickly and especially without steaming.

All these LeetCode tasks on social media, strange questions about how PostgreSQL indexes are arranged internally at the code level, the task of adding 2 numbers without using the addition operator, or any nonsense that the interviewer read yesterday in another article from the Hindu on Medium (who writes 20 such articles a week, just to score more money from the partner), were not originally invented to have any relation to real work, to test skills or to identify some geniuses out there. These things are just another step in narrowing the candidate funnel. By the way, sometimes HRs/interviewers do not know what to ask you and how to evaluate you correctly. As a result, questions about sewer hatches, screening by blood group (thank God, this is purely Japanese shiza), filtering by “personal brand” (the presence in the resume of companies with a name, for example, that are part of FAANG) also come into play. At the same time, such methods do not require HR or people who conduct technical meetings to be especially hardworking and busy. And why? Of the 1,000 candidates who responded, there is sure to be someone who can push through all the obstacles presented. So why change something?

It’s especially funny to hear those who say that AI actually started all the hiring problems. I tried programming with AI. It was just ridiculous. It uses libraries in the generated code that do not exist in reality. That is, this creation doesn’t even compile. And how to write systems that are used by many people online, maybe a thing that on the request “girl eats ramen” draws it?

“You can take the girl out of the village, but you can never take the village out of the girl”

AI can perform simple copywriting and preparation of basic promotional materials, it replaces first-line technical support specialists, but not developers. Another argument is that there was covid, it grew a little, and now covid has passed, and developers are no longer needed so much. A very strange argument. I well remember the dock-like times. Looking for a job in IT and entering it was not easy, but it was quite normal. And now it’s just that tin, just the light of the mascara. But yes, these arguments about AI and covid are extremely convenient, in general, all problems can be attributed to them.

Another argument that really moves me is that this is a problem for the Juns, and the rest of the specialists are up to the task. Well, first of all, all the complaints about social security today come mainly from the middles and above (“I’ve raised a bunch of projects, and now I have to know about some DP out there that I’ve never had to use in all the years”), so- second, you are grossly underestimating the number of middlemen in the market. Moreover, yesterday’s Junes also become middles. And finally, Jun can simply lie on his resume about his experience and move to a higher weight category.

What shall I do

Several options:


2) screw up LeetCode and other staff who will ask you, lie in your resume, if possible use ChatGPT and the help of a live person from the outside to pass social security checks, while avoiding companies with a background check. The MB generally appoints a specialist for passing LC, etc., in his place. and change his face to yours using DeepFake, similarly for the voice (probably soon we will have special people who will be paid to pass social security tests instead of developers). At the same time, one must not lose enthusiasm and stubbornly try, because there will be many failures, and the number of career opportunities themselves is limited;

3) somehow wait for the market to cool down and return to a relatively normal state. To be honest, this option seems less preferable and realistic to me. I simply do not know what factors can contribute to this and whether they will appear at all.

And my general opinion is that all enterprise development with its frontends, backends, cubers, etc. is not a particularly promising business now. She hyped for a long time, that’s right. But now it’s the same. I think those who like the technology field should choose something else. I don’t know how to get involved, for example, in the design of drones or robotics.

PS: other videos on the topic if you are interested

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