The worst way in IT

The worst way in IT

You have a path to follow, and it cannot be cut. You have to go through it from beginning to end. But there are no “cuts”. And all that seems to them is a swamp. It sucks the swamp of lies to itself for a long time.”

Franz Vertfallen, book About flying snakes. Naples



I’ll start by telling you about myself and what I’ve been doing for several years, believing that willpower will pay off.

Since the beginning of my work, I have worked in a very respectable (comprehensibly) profession. Like many other professions, with the development of “democracy” in our imperialism, our profession began to work not for good, but against it. Many who followed a certain code of their morality began to go into other professions. Someone in a taxi, someone in security, etc. Will generally work for food.

I had a good friend who, at the time of 2019, worked in an IT company as a devops engineer. Regardless of my path (which does not even remotely approach IT), he offered me to retrain for top specialties in the IT field.

“Okay,” I thought. I once graduated as an electronics technician with a solid 4. I understand something about the computer system and can solve linear equations. Well, it seems to go for the start.


It all started not at all the way I expected. My friend gave me a hint in the form of “In short, here it is, either you use what you need, or you won’t be able to row in this ocean. Here’s a primer for you (At that time it was “Learning Python” by Lutz), let’s read, if you have questions, write.”

Since I didn’t really have a choice, I started reading this primer …. I wouldn’t even say then that it was a textbook …. For me, it was some kind of collection of technical literature on Python … Of course, some moments I went there took For example, I learned what Python and Monty Python are. ALL!

Since my character (As my wife says – will raise the dead from the grave) is quite critical of myself, I could not leave this topic and continued…

I’m a genius

I started with Python. There was a beginner’s course which I did well. Then the advanced course, which I also finished with flying colours. But when the django-type frames went, I found myself thinking STOP, because I’m not ready yet, I don’t understand how the garbage collector works in python and how the code is translated to the compiler.

I created a problem for myself that I have to solve myself. Then I started scouring the net about this and came to the realization that programming is impossible without understanding compilation.

I want to know everything

2020 beginning of 2021

From Python, I started to study OS and computer architecture in general. I sat from 8 in the morning until 12 at night studying everything related to the processor, registers, buses, etc.

And here it seemed to me that I did not have enough knowledge to calmly write in Python). I just saw a person writing assembly code. I won’t go on, I think you can guess what this led to…

So! I started learning assembly language. After some time passed and a meeting with my friend, I was convinced that it is not necessary to learn assembler.

Since I already had more knowledge in the field of memory management, a friend of mine offered me a position as a network administrator in their company for a small amount of money, but with the opportunity to grow.

I refused. I entered the university in the direction of “Software engineering” in the hope of gaining deeper knowledge (in universities, there is nothing they don’t teach except self-organization). Thanks to the already available experience, I passed the sessions a semester earlier. As a result, for a proper 6-year study, my program was shortened to 3 years

It is impossible to know everything

Having studied C only at the level of creating scripts for the operation of other applications, I began to understand one beautiful phrase “Any teaching is true in what it affirms and false in what it denies or excludes. » – Leibniz.

So. At this point I decided to go back to python. But …. Now the language became not interesting to me, even I began to understand that it is no more than a script language. What do you think?

I started by simply googling a language that can write at C level or slightly above. Found I don’t even want to write banal things.

As a result. 2022-2023 study of C++.

Who am I

I am now starting my career as a junior in DEVOPS. The courses I completed in this direction took me 3 months. Those guys who took the course with me don’t even understand what registers are, bit rate and interrupts are quite effective at work. When I tell them (just to show off) about the hash, I realize they don’t need it and I look ridiculous.


In my opinion, a programmer will always remain a person who writes, maybe on assembler, maybe just solders a transistor. I advise everyone to look at my path and not to repeat the main mistake. Do not dream about the possibilities of programming. As one good person said, “To become a sought-after expert, you just need to be an expert in one field.”

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