The world’s first private American lander Peregrine launched to the moon with DOGE and BTC wallets on board

The world’s first private American lander Peregrine launched to the moon with DOGE and BTC wallets on board

United Launch Alliance launched a Vulcan Centaur rocket carrying Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander. The spacecraft will deliver NASA instruments, DOGE and BTC hardware wallets, rovers, memorial capsules, drawings, photographs, and cultural artifacts to the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

The rocket was launched from the Space Force base at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Vulcan Centaur replaced ULA’s Atlas V and Delta IV rockets in missions. The first was used to launch the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers, the New Horizon probe and the interplanetary station of the OSIRISI-REx mission, and the second was used to launch the American spy satellites and NASA’s Parker Solar Probe.

NASA has contracted with Astrobotic to install five science instruments on Peregrine, which are designed to study the lunar surface environment before the arrival of astronauts as part of the Artemis mission.

Peregrine is scheduled to land on the lava plain on the visible side of the Moon on February 23. The lander may become the first private vehicle to land on the moon.

The US space agency plans to use robots from commercial partners to deliver scientific instruments, general-purpose equipment and supplies to cut costs.

Astrobotic is the first of three American companies to send a lander under the agreement with NASA. Two other companies, Intuitive Machines and Firefly, will soon also start implementing joint projects.

Using the Peregrine Ion mass spectrometer, researchers will try to better understand the behavior of water on the Moon. NASA’s instruments will also measure radiation levels, the magnetic field and the rarefied layer of gas called the exosphere.

In addition, Peregrine will carry Latin American scientific instruments that will reach the lunar surface for the first time. Five small lunar rovers are deployed on the satellite.

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has announced that Peregrine carries a cryptocurrency wallet in the form of a physical coin with an access key containing 1 BTC. The Dogecoin Foundation reported that a wallet with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency is placed on board the module.

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