The winners of the “Battle of the Robots” 2023 final were announced

The winners of the “Battle of the Robots” 2023 final were announced

On December 16, 2023, the final of the “Battle of the Robots” 2023 took place in the Moscow Expo Center. The prize fund of the championship was 6 million rubles. 58 teams from 5 countries: Russia, India, Turkey, China and Kazakhstan took part in the qualifying stages of the competition since September. 12 teams from Russia took part in the final, as well as teams from India, Turkey and China.

Four teams competed in the final stage of the “Battle of the Robots”:

• “TurboMechatronics”, Russia. Moscow;
• Energy girls, Russia, St. Petersburg;
• Roc, China.

The Roc team from China won the “Battle of the Robots” cup and received 3 million rubles. Second place went to the DS ROBOTICS team from India, which won 2 million rubles. The third place was won by the team of “TurboMechatronics” from Moscow with a prize of 1 million rubles. The fourth place is the Energy girls team.

The final battle of Roc vs. DS ROBOTICS in the clip at 6:15:00 timing.

The “Battle of the Robots” competition was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital. After the end of the event, the agency announced that starting next year in the Russian Federation, it is planned to launch a school league “Battle of the Robots”, where students of the country’s schools will be able to participate in their categories.

Also, the Ministry of Digital from Russia signed an agreement with India on cooperation in the development of the annual “Battle of the Robots” championship. Similar agreements are planned to be signed in the department with China, UAE and Turkey.

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