the way to the top of technology” called the trends of the development of the IT market in 2024 / Habr

the way to the top of technology” called the trends of the development of the IT market in 2024 / Habr

At the conference of the K2Tech companyThe new era of IT: the way to the top of technology“, dedicated to trends and business migration from foreign solutions to Russian alternatives, the participants named the main challenges and changes that await the IT market in 2024. The event gathered about 500 participants — IT and technical directors, heads of IT infrastructure, directors of digitization and business development, information security specialists.

The plenary discussion was attended by Ihor Zeldets, deputy general director for business development of K2Tech, Fedir Chemashkin, technical director of the Digital department of Yakiv and Partners, Maksym Berezin, director of business development of Orion soft, Iryna Vlasova, director of automation and digitalization of SUEK JSC “, Elman Beybutov, director of product business development of Positive Technologies, Tetyana Kolosova, head of the direction of work with technological partners of YADRO, Dmytro Voskoboynikov, head of the 1C partner implementation group, Boris Ashrafyan, director of the product office of Novosibirskenergozbut. During the discussion, they highlighted several main trends of the Russian IT market:

Import substitution. If earlier the choice of business was, for the most part, determined by economic factors, now, due to the pressure of external circumstances, the focus is shifting towards Russian software products. So far, the share of domestic solutions is only 10% to 50% depending on the industry, but within a few years it will reach 75%.

Rapid development and growing importance of information security. The topic of cyber security took a special place at the K2Tech conference. The speakers emphasized that today 96% of organizations are not protected from attacks by an external intruder, and it is important for companies to build processes for monitoring IS events and responding to incidents, as well as conducting cyber training for employees. In addition, Open Source security is becoming more and more important, since these technologies are often the basis of domestic developments.

Development of Russian IT solutions. The speakers of the K2Tech conference drew attention to the fact that there are already a sufficient number of mature domestic solutions on the market today, in particular, when it comes to operating systems, office suites, virtualization and backup systems. In general, the growth rate of the Russian IT market exceeds the world average by about two times (10% versus 5%).

The software market will consolidate. So far, supply exceeds demand in this area, for example, there are 82 domestic operating systems. The market will filter them, and as a result, 2-4 leaders will remain – those who seriously invest in development, as well as those who will be able to integrate with the solutions of other players on the market.

Shortage of qualified personnel. It is felt more and more as companies shift their focus towards their IT development.

Moving away from legacy systems. Previously, many enterprises spent years developing systems of their own development. Currently, their support requires more and more resources and time, and the effectiveness is decreasing. Therefore, companies are gradually moving away from them.

Increasing number of partner developments and collaborations. For many customers, the issue of replacing “all at once” is relevant now, rather than the implementation of point solutions. The roadmaps being developed today imply the development of projects 8-10 years ahead, so long-term collaborations and integration of products with each other cannot be dispensed with.

Artificial Intelligence. Its use will be one of the differentiators in the market in the coming years. In this area, the number of Russian developments will also increase, as the stage of getting to know the technology is coming to an end, the first successful cases are appearing and companies are increasingly boldly approaching the implementation of AI in business processes.

At the “New Era of IT: The Way to the Top of Technology” conference, business representatives also discussed the experience of implementing new corporate ERP systems, the search for new infrastructure products in the face of external restrictions, the lack of monovendor solutions and the lack of expertise, and Russian developers presented their solutions in the field of corporate systems and IT infrastructure.

Video recordings of the speakers’ reports, as well as the materials of their speeches, are available at site K2Tech conference “New era of IT: the way to the top of technology”.

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