The US administration and celebrities have refused to pay Musk for verification checks on Twitter

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Twitter has implemented a new policy stating that users must pay for blue verification ticks, with the monthly subscription service costing $8 starting from April 1, 2023. White House officials and global celebrities have refused to pay for the new service, arguing that it goes against the principle of receiving a service that was previously free. Despite this, Twitter plans to revoke old verification ticks issued to users unless they subscribe to Twitter Blue. As a result, Twitter has implemented a mass mailing campaign to try to increase the number of subscribers to its service, with the company earning $11 million in subscription revenue thus far.

The US administration and celebrities have refused to pay Musk for verification checks on Twitter

US administration officials and global celebrities have refused to pay Musk for verification checks on Twitter. VIP users of the social network and the department previously received blue verification checks for free. by new rules platform, they must subscribe to Twitter Blue for $8 per month starting April 1, 2023.

“As far as we understand, Twitter Blue does not provide a user-level verification service. So the blue check mark will now simply confirm that the account is a paid account,” White House digital strategy director Rob Flaherty told the media.

Previously, White House officials had verified accounts to officially inform the public on behalf of the US administration.

In the social network explained, that official organizations, such as the US administration and some government officials, will still be marked with a gray checkmark. But in fact, it is not clear which officials will keep the gray ticks and for how long they will have these ticks without Twitter Blue registration.

But in relation to the popular accounts of celebrities on Twitter, a more aggressive policy regarding the monetization of the blue tick began to operate. Moreover, the social network requires all users to subscribe, including those with, for example, 1 million subscribers or more.

For many multi-million dollar celebrities, it’s not about the $8. It is about the principle. “Now you’re telling me I have to pay for something you gave me for free?”, wrote Actor William Shatner wears the mask.

“Nobody needs that tattered blue cell of yours anymore,” – summarized New Orleans Saints point guard Michael Thomas.

Some actors have said they will leave the social network if they lose their current blue ticks because other users will impersonate them simply by paying for the option.

Ordinary users of the social network will also soon be restricted on the platform. As part of the fight against bots and to actively promote its paid subscription, Twitter will show only posts from verified accounts in the recommended output of other users from April 15. Also, from this date, users of the social network without a Twitter Blue subscription will be prohibited from participating in voting on the platform.

March 24, 2023

Twitter Blue



for users worldwide.

At the end of March, Twitter reportedThat the old verification ticks issued by the platform to some users in the past will be revoked from April 1, 2023, if those users do not promptly subscribe Twitter Blue. The social network has started a mass mailing to owners of the old verification check box to pay Twitter Blue. The social network plans to significantly increase the number of Twitter Blue subscribers by removing the old verification ticks.

Since the beginning of the year, 385,000 Android and iOS smartphone users around the world have subscribed to Twitter Blue. This project brought Twitter $11 million in revenue in three months. The management of the company is not satisfied with these achievements. The platform continues to try to convert the majority of users to subscription monetization in various ways.

In November 2022, in correspondence with Stephen King, Musk


, that Twitter needs to pay its bills somehow, and the platform cannot rely entirely on advertisers in this situation. Especially since many of them suspended cooperation with Twitter after the purchase of the social network by Musk. According to Musk, this subscription is now the only way to defeat bots and trolls on the platform.

On October 31, the American writer Stephen King is in sharp form indignant by Musk’s innovation regarding mandatory subscription for verifying Twitter accounts. Mask answered Kingu explained the reason for introducing such an option. King considers this a matter of principle and does not intend to pay for verification. In his opinion, the platform should, on the contrary, pay the writer. He promised to leave the social network if Musk introduces such a paid option, and not because of money, but because of the attitude towards users.

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