The term of service of the ROZ should be 50 years, RKK “Energia” reported

The term of service of the ROZ should be 50 years, RKK “Energia” reported

The Russian Orbital Station (ROS) should last for 50 years, stated the General Designer of the Russian Federation for Manned Space Systems and Complexes, General Designer of RKK “Energia”, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Volodymyr Solovyov, as part of the “Earth – Orbit – Deep Space” conference.

“We design the Russian Orbital Station with absolute impudence, declaring that the period of its operation is 50 years,” Solovyov said. quote from TARS.

According to Solovyov, the declared period is necessary for working out the technologies of flight to other planets. In particular, a reliable transport system must be laid at the base of a ship for a flight to the moon. In turn, the Martian ship should be a modular station, which “must first be tested from the point of view of reliability and operability” in Earth orbit.

On October 18 of this year, the Master of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) Yehor Mishin announced the development of a project of a transport platform intended for flights between Russia and the base on the Moon. The spacecraft will be able to deliver up to 10 tons of cargo to the Moon and return up to 5 tons of various resources and experimental results.

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