The sale of smartphones in Russia broke the quarterly record since 2018

The sale of smartphones in Russia broke the quarterly record since 2018

In the first quarter of 2024, about 4.5 million smartphones were sold in Russia, representatives of the MTS operator report. This is 15% more than in the same period last year.

In general, sales in the first three months have become a record since 2018. The average check for a smartphone in the first quarter was 25 thousand rubles – this is 16% more than in 2023.

China’s Xiaomi remained the artificial leader in sales, accounting for 29% of devices. The second place, according to MTS, was taken by the Tecno brand (17%), and the third by Infinix (12.5%).

According to the results of the entire year 2024, another record of smartphone sales may be set in Russia, or the market will come very close to such indicators, the Mobile Research Group predicts.

Citilink is also talking about an increase in sales: for the retail network, the incomplete I quarter of 2024 became a record in the smartphone category compared to similar periods over the past four years, says Pavlo Rabotenko, head of the Telecom Mobile procurement group of Citilink. In artificial terms, the increase for January-March was 10% compared to 2023, and compared to 2021 – by 34%.

In “Avito” they say that according to the results of the quarter, the sale of new mobile phones on the site increased by a third. At the same time, smartphone sales remain at approximately the same levels, Pavlo Komarov, head of the “Home appliances and electronics” category of the platform, said.

The head of the Content-Review project, Serhiy Polovnikov, believes that the reason for the increase in sales was both an increase in purchasing power and a decrease in the cost of gadgets, particularly expensive models. Now such devices are available to a wider range of buyers, says Polovnikov.

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