The “Ruviky” encyclopedia is out of beta testing

The “Ruviky” encyclopedia is out of beta testing

The “Ruviky” encyclopedia, which is positioned as a domestic analogue of “Wikipedia”, has left beta testing. The “Now Ruvyky” die was removed from the site in the beta version. Please email us if you notice any errors. In a conversation with TARS, the press service of the encyclopedia confirmed the exit from the beta version.

As indicated in the notice of the administration of “Ruvika” dated December 26, 2023, a number of technological updates are also planned to be submitted during 2024. They include: personalization of content, thematic selections, audio narration of the full and short version of the article, updated personal account of the user, videos and podcasts.

“RUVIKY is a new open online encyclopedia. The platform combines experts and ordinary users: anyone can become the author of RUVIKA, but only professionals act as guarantors of material verification. The main values ​​of the site: convenience, openness, neutrality, reliability of information. The project should become a part of every person’s daily life to build a basic qualitative idea about any subject without fear of encountering a mistake. The platform plans regular updates that will include innovative technological solutions, including interaction with artificial intelligence.” Source

At the end of June 2023, the “Ruviky” resource was opened for public access as part of the beta version. It is being developed by Volodymyr Medeyko, ex-director of the Russian division of Wikipedia, who calls the project “The Free Encyclopedia”. At the same time, the editor-in-chief of the scientific and educational portal “Great Russian Encyclopedia” Serhii Kravets told the mass media that more than 300 people and 43 authors from the editorial office are engaged in the work on the project, including more than ten professors and doctors of science, dozens of candidates of science, in total more than 200 scientists. employees

On September 7, 2023, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Ruviky signed a cooperation agreement, under which scientists and experts of the academy will participate in reviewing and checking articles published on the portal. By the end of 2023, representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences had to check at least 2,500 articles.

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